Walking into a Writing Exercise (or) I’ll be here all week . . .

The Walking Dead series is the most fun I’ve had with zombies since The Osbournes debuted.

Micro-review of Walking Dead season finale: You go Rick, lay down that law! This was becoming a whinier bunch of survivors than that reality show on CBS.

As a result, I came up with a zombie inspired five part mini-series. But that wasn’t good enough. To wit, I needed a challenge. Susie over at Wild Ride does it all the time, these writing exercises and flash fiction joints. It’s what makes her such a fun bit of mayhem. This blog serves as my writing exercise- helpful whether I am at a loss or on a roll.

So I thought to myself . . .”Self? Why not fuse a dash of WordPress with a pinch of Twitter and set it for broil?”

Micro-flash fiction.

Five posts in the series. One hundred words per post. Five hundred words. Total. Simone Benedict seems to abide by this unspoken rule of blogging. Her posts are crisp, her notes fresh and the education is sans a dissertation. I used to blather on and on, but she taught me a valuable lesson about blogging.

Keep it short and sweet.

So to Susie and Simone, thank you. I decided to push this fictional envelope thanks to your gifted examples.

For the main character, I went with Damon. The idea being that a strong name might plant an idea in the reader’s head that would spiral, thereby doing some of the leg work for me. Give him a love interest . . . no, two. One lost and one found. I learned this one on the fly, as I was originally going to keep it to the new girl. But when I incorporated his memory of the lost love into it, this gave the new girl definition.

Alright, so the secrets I used and/or stumbled onto aside, where’s the rub?

Glad you asked. My challenge was to develop this Damon character in five hundred words. To carry him from the depths of his inner turmoil, through his fight to stay alive in a world seemingly devoid of hope, and from there to navigate a fast friendship turned tryst, which of course is followed by the requisite guilt which fuels his last ditch effort to make a go of it by somehow providing a means of survival, a suicidal mission which leads to redemption.

Oh, and he saves the world.

The result is a five part zombie series in miniature. Granted, there are more holes than the Titanic at rush hour, but my goal was achieved nonetheless. To stretch my writing legs a bit and to mingle with a couple of different characters. To have fun.

I’ll be posting this five-parter starting tomorrow and running through the end of the week. If it sucks, look at it this way . . it’s only eighteen seconds out of your day and it still beats the hell out of reading up on the GOP Death Race 2012.

Hmmm, now there’s an idea . . .


5 thoughts on “Walking into a Writing Exercise (or) I’ll be here all week . . .

  1. Wow! This is great! Thanks so much Cayman for the plug. There is a reason why I am following you…. 🙂
    I can’t wait to see what you write. Bring it on Zombies!!!!!!

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