Imagine if Suzyn Waldman would’ve announced the Resurrection? *

(* It’s a Yankees thing, you wouldn’t understand. But if you really NEED to know, here’s the youtube audio.)

All apologies on the thoughts that run through my head, screaming, most of the time.

Here’s a worthwhile one though . . . Thanks to all who shouted out at me on Shadow Falls. As I mentioned, there’s more to come. I’m waiting till I find out whether I have jury duty on the 16th before commencing.

And speaking of horror . . . I caught a few innings of the Miami Marlins brand new aquarium and it made me wonder how many games they’re going to trail the Phillies by before the locals decide the place is Fugly. And speaking of the GOP primaries, the next time we see Rick Santorum he’s going to be doing standup. ALL blue, I just know it. And speaking of “I’ll believe it when I see it”, gas prices should start dipping in time for Memorial Day weekend. Which is a good thing since I had to take out a line of credit to fill up my truck this morning. Shit, I would get an electric car but I’m spooked at the idea of being inside one of those jobs when it rains. Yanno?

Favorite book of my week- It was homecoming time on my reads. I re-read Life of Pi, which is a favorite of mine. This begat my current re-reading of Great Expectations because Dickens is my religious experience. I did surprise myself by reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret for the first time. My kids read it back in the day, and I had no idea how much fun it was going to be. Only now, I want to see the movie.

And speaking of . . .

Favorite flick of my week- Hunger Games. I loved everything about this movie, with the exception of some jumpy camera work. Unlike the American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, this movie flew by and left me wanting more.

Favorite T-Shirt of my week- A middle aged man in Barnes and Noble sporting this classic. Want Me To Reduce My Carbon Footprint? Bend Over! That Rick Santorum has a wicked sense of humor, didn’t I tell you?

Favorite drink of my week- Alka Seltzer Cold. ‘Nuff said.

Favorite Good Friday meal- Sushi with gal pal.

Favorite joke that I made up this week- The Yankees are so good, they traded Jesus! Okay, if you don’t know the kid’s last name- Montero- you’re not going to get it. Never mind.

Favorite tunes I happened to happen upon this week- This Morrison fellow took my Saturday morning for a ride.

Favorite idea of my week- Building a cat-proof Beta fish bowl. Cause I feel like it’s time for Marcellus Wallace IV.

Favorite complaint- Checked out the Netflix original series premiere of Lillyhammer. Hated it. I hope they pick up their game for House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey.

You know, after leaving that James Morrison video up there . . it feels kinda naked down here. So how’s about a bookend to chase it with?

Peace and good wishes be, kids.



3 thoughts on “Imagine if Suzyn Waldman would’ve announced the Resurrection? *

  1. Yes, sorry to hear about your cold, Cayman. But possible jury duty? How exciting. For us. Will you be allowed to post about your fellow jury members I wonder? Six Angry Men is one of my fav movies. sorry, I have a diff bug so I’m hopped up on theraflu. I could just rattle on and on and….

  2. Susie- I’ll be back to my drink this weekend. And I’ll throw a toast your way.
    Simone- Make that two toasts. Great going on that interview with Jeni Decker. As far as jury duty, I’ll know tomorrow night whether I have to report on Monday. I hope not, cause I’d like to post the second installment of Shadow Falls next week.

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