Romance. . those momentary slices of forever, how I love them

I had my night all planned out.

Pizza delivery, a few ice cold Sams and a Netflix marathon. I’m pretty sure there may have been a time when this kind of Saturday night itinerary would have been considered lame-o . But hell if I can remember it.

My cell phone starts shimmying as I’m tossing between onion rings or calamari. This better be good, cause my deliberation is . . yanno, important stuff.

It’s my girlfriend. Okay.

“Hey, Kevin can’t make it. Would you be up for some Xanadu?” She asks. So sweetly, in fact, that I forget all about my hot date with a veggie supreme.

“What happened to Kevin?” I ask.

Kevin is an old friend of hers. He’s funny, compassionate, good looking. None of which fazes me in the least since . . .

“He’s head over heels for the new guy. Sooo, Kev completely forgot about tonight . . He’s still in Maryland!” My girlfriend tells me.

“Didn’t you call to remind him?” I ask.

“He had his phone off until a few minutes ago. Didn’t want to be disturbed.” She laughs.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this Kevin is a pretty smart guy.

“So? Can you make it?” She asks.

“Well, seeing as how the only thing keeping me here are pizza delivery plans, sure. But I need to eat.”

“We’ll stop at Zia’s on the way, they’ve got the best calzones.” She says.

“Vegetable,” I insist.

“Of course.” She giggles, so sweetly in fact, that I completely forget I was once in love with the idea of pizza for dinner.

Love is a lot like pizza nights.  Your ability to navigate the changing currents is tantamount to success. Us modern romantics, we must abide.

There’s a sanguine vibe happening in local theater- borne out of accessibility- that Broadway cannot touch.  These thespians are dreamers and lovers in the most amazing sense of such definitions. I dig that, lots. So we’re at the playhouse, six chicas and this guy. My presence elicits a few shushed up jokes about feelings and potpourri from the perfumed up circle. Predictable stuff. “You know, most of this crowd is going to be gals and gay guys.”

“Yeah, you might get hit on.” Comes another voice.

“Well, be it the former or the latter, a compliment is a compliment.” I reply.

A couple hours later, and my review was short and sweet. The production was sappy. But I happen to think the world’s supply of sap has been seriously depleted, so I liked it. Stories about never giving up on your dreams and love conquering all . . well, keep ’em coming is what I say.

Love is all about getting lost inside the pair of eyes sitting across the table from you. It’s a blind jump into the craziest of chances, odds be damned. Gay, straight, black or white or chartreuse? Matters not.

Love is love.

As far as Xanadu goes, now I want to see the movie. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


8 thoughts on “Romance. . those momentary slices of forever, how I love them

    • Awesome. Was it the American version with Daniel Craig? I’m with ya either way, but if you haven’t seen the European production, ya gots to. Big Stieg Larsson fan here.

  1. All is understandable in the name of love. Except Xanadu. There’s no scuffs for that. (yes, my girl owns the DVD. Yes, she only watches it when I’m not home.)

    • Sorry bra, but you don’t understand. I HAVE to do this. And I will do this . . . no matter what the “Guapos” say!
      Did that sound gangsta enough? Girlfriend likes gangsta.

  2. Ahhh….my opinion of you has now skyrocketed! One of the things I love the most about my husband is his ability to sit through (yet ANOTHER) viewing of Pride & Prej or Grease or, yes, ahhum…Xanadu. The retro cool sappy stuff that justifies American Pie as a national pastime. Grazie CaymAn!

    PS: and your right…a compliment is a compliment, no matter the source. Kudos.

    • Skyrocketed? We didn’t need to flourish it to that extent, but hey . . . I’ll take it. As far as your husband, I really thought you were gonna hit me with the “Zombies” punchline to that Pride and Prejudice. Since you failed miserably on that count, I have to tell you….keep him. At all costs.
      As for Xanadu? Saw the movie. Loved it. And if there IS something wrong with that, I’ll just quit writing now.

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