Forever has a place

I have to imagine there is a heavenly lounge up there with a three of a kind musical act showing off their one of a kind talents. They don’t take money in this place, cause it runs on wishes and prayers.

Its where I can see Donna and Whitney debating as to whether or not Last Dance would serve as an acceptable opening number for the standing room only crowd. And of course, the conversation would be worth its weight in all that solid gold of theirs.

Etta is brushing over the piano keys, playing the silent witness to this exchange until the need for music gets too much and she just has to take it somewhere for a time. So she turns to them and says. “Girls, Last Dance will do just fine.”

The music starts, and the disco ball goes big as the moon.

“We’ve got forever and a day.”



8 thoughts on “Forever has a place

  1. Cayman, so glad you posted this. I have sweet memories of Donna Summer…. Your right! There must be a singer’s lounge up there….why I can hear the banter now……….

    ..but then…a high pitched but soft voice in the corner rolls out, “What about; ‘You Are Not Alone’?” Then a deep sexy voice southern voice from the doorway commands “No offense ladies (and Michael) but were singing ‘In The Ghetto’!” Then the entire room of angelic (yet naughty) talents burst into laughter and tears….in unison they say “Let’s just do a medley”!

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