Things that made me go hmm . . .

“Facebook Fatigue” Is Setting In- According to a survey conducted by Reuters, one third of Facebook users are bored with the site. And in another ominous sign for the flagging social network, another third of Facebook users pressed the like button after reading the results of the survey.

Boston Mayor Talks Celtics- Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is a diehard Celtics fan. And as evidenced by this analysis, he died hard. Really, really hard. Menino went on to say he thinks the Red Sox have a real chance as long as Yaz stays healthy.

Timothy Michael Poe Lies About Military Record- Poe embellished his military record during his appearance on America’s Got Talent. I find it absolutely reprehensible that someone would do such a thing just to win a talent show. I mean, I could understand it if he was running for political office.

San Diego Padres Draft Quarterback- After drafting Terrance Owens out of Toledo University, the Padres are said to be in the market for a right guard to help protect his blind side. Some would say this choice was curious being as how Owens hasn’t played baseball in years. No sweat, neither have the Padres.

Disney Holds Line On John Carter- The company decided against allowing rental outlets like Netflix and Redbox to offer John Carter to the public when it was released to home video on June 5th. As per their policy. Which is all well and good until you consider that eight people went to see this disaster in theaters. I mean, it’s not like there’s going to be a mad rush to buy unless they’re selling the DVD for ten bucks . . . with a ten dollar rebate.

And this tweet is the Champion Hmm . . . .

Actress Amanda Bynes was arrested for DUI a few months back. Rather than appear in court, she decided to take her case right to the top by tweeting the President for some help.

Now, if Clinton were in office? I would’ve given her a 50/50 shot.


9 thoughts on “Things that made me go hmm . . .

  1. Love this! Hmmmm….. really bummed about the America’s Got Talent contestant. It did cross my mind…. I am such a psychic….
    You are thinking about ice cream…. go for it! Have two scoops. I won’t tell!

  2. The Boston Mayor had me in tears laughing a few weeks ago, typical politician trying to get press. And you are way to kind towards that piece of SHIT POE. EMBELLISHED? you embellish a resume not a military career. He was a bitch that day and now he’s a crying bitch. I want him to just go away.

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