Phineas Alert, On the Update

Sorry but, this isn’t an update on the whereabouts of Phineas Clemente.

Nah. He’s as lost as most peeps are when it comes to the meaning of life’s ‘lil spice cabinet.  So . . .a five days out forecast is going to prove less helpful than a taxi cab driver in Mister Rogers Neighborhood.

Instead, I’m throwing out some feel good music stuff that reminds me of old ‘Phin.

Not that I ever knew the actual Phineas Clemente, no. But his greater, gooder caricature? Yeah, I knew a guy like him, once upon a time. And as writers go, that means I’m keeping a bead on his bad ass self, forevermore.

This weekend has Washington in my sights. My Yankees storm the Nationals home base, and I’m gonna chase that showdown of the top clubs with some Granville Moore’s tasty happy place.  Summer has a way about it.

It really does.




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