I’m beating back the smokes, but no one’s beating the Heat

Two months off the smokes today.

I celebrated the mini-milestone yesterday evening with a few hours of serve and volley in ninety degree temps. Because, nothing says “I don’t need nicotine” like heat stroke. I mean, why would I want to stand outside for five minutes at a clip smoking Marlboros when I can run around outside for an hour and a half and produce enough sweat to fill Tony Montana’s bath tub? Actually, I’m not being sarcastic for once. It is nice to be able to throw your body into different gears without having to listen to your lungs fillibuster the prospects of doing so.

There is another Phineas Clemente joy ride happening upstairs at his home page. In this installment, Phineas tries to explain new Uma face to Senor “My real name is Ignacio” Winces. All that hangs in the balance is his life, so . . no pressure.

As for this heat wave, I guess it’s appropriate timing considering the partay that’s just starting to shake loose on Biscayne Bay. I’m thinking that the Clevelander on Ocean Drive would be a nice spot to hang this weekend. Not that those guys need the excuse of an NBA championship in order to throw things into orbit.

But it doesn’t hurt.


8 thoughts on “I’m beating back the smokes, but no one’s beating the Heat

  1. I actually smoke during many of my adventures. Sometimes it’s even a cigar.
    Ski lifts, beaches waiting to dive or surf, While belaying a climber, all excellent smoking opportunities.
    Not sure if they’ll let me bungee jump with a cigarette in my mouth, but I may need something stronger than that anyway…

    Rock on with the non-smoking, Cayman! Congrats on 2 months!

    And when is the last time Will put out a song???

  2. I can see you smoking during your adventures. And a cigar, man . . I have to stay away from those simply ’cause I love them so very much. I think the only cig that would survive a bungee jump would be one of those e-cigs,and that ain’t worth choking on (literally).
    Yanno, it’s funny you should ask about Will because we were just talking about his tunes and I happened to ask the same thing. It’s been a while.

  3. Good post my friends. Congrats on two months 🙂

    Also wanted to let you know that I have also nominated you for The Lovely Blog Award … because I think your blog is truly awesome. You make me laugh all the time and that is lovely. 🙂 Just visit my blog to pick up your award and check out the simple rules. Congrats!

    • Thank you Guap. I will make my way over to your blog after I get back from my tennis practice, as I want to be fully engaged so’s I don’t mess up on the rules. I’m lousy with rules.

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