Isn’t He Lovely? You don’t have to answer that . . .

When I learned that I had been nominated for a “Lovely Blog” award, my first thought was Jesus, I don’t have a thing to wear!

As it turns out, I don’t have to wear anything. I mean, anything lovely . . . I don’t have to wear anything lovely.

The rules of this thang are as simple as the squeegee. I share a few facts about myself, after which I get to nominate some bloggers.

But before I get to that, I must unmask the culprit to these shenanigans. ‘Twas the lovely ‘lil Viking, Guat, from over at The Wish Factor , who nominated me for this award. She’s a writer with kick, a triathlete with ups, and a Kings fan with the last word on Lord Stanley’s best promise. After which, she introduces you to the so much more of her life that keeps me coming back time after brilliantly worded time.

I should commence with the proceedings. Fully dressed, of course.

Things about Cayman Thorn . . . .

. . . It’s not my real name.  

. . . Tennis is my current ‘go to’ sport.

. . . My favorite movie of all time is Godfather 1 and 2 (Seamless)

. . . My all time least favorite movie is Godfather 3 (Shameless)

. . . I literally bumped into Andie MacDowell at Mandalay Bay in Vegas back in 2005. She was in town for the Country Music Awards. We excused each other in unison, exchanging smiles as we walked on. For about 5.8 seconds, I had Andie MacDowell’s full attention. Books have been written on less.

. . . I think the construction of a Cuban sandwich to be a romantic trespass, but . . .

. . . I am currently in the midst of Vegetarian Summer. And loving it.

. . . My daughter is my BFF.  

Okay, now to the good stuff. Here are my “Lovely” nominees. And I calls ’em lovely for the plain simple fact that I look forward to them. When you can look forward to a person’s words, it’s a lovely place to find yourself. Indeed.

Simone Benedict

Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride

The Petal Pusher


Fantasy Furnace


(Programming Note: More Phineas here.)

And now, a tune from a Broadway classic I probably have seen a thousand times if once. In keeping with just how lovely I am feeling.


21 thoughts on “Isn’t He Lovely? You don’t have to answer that . . .

    • Thanks so much Emily! Wow!
      Congrats Cayman and thanks so much for the award! I can see you dancing in your kitchen, “I’m so pretty and witty and bright!” My sister and I used to sing and dance to that song…

      So if you are not Cayman Thorn it must be a anagram for another name…. hmmmm…
      Ron Manatchy?
      Tom Nanarchy?
      Rony Tamanch?
      Tom Charnany?
      Choy Matnarn?

    • Thank you Emily. Susie is better than best.
      Wait, is THERE a better than best? Hell, I’m not sure. I better check on that before she finds out I called her better than best. She’s a stickler about these things. I’m thinking it’s on account of the altitude.

    • Awesome is as awesome does, Guat.

      Holy crap! I haven’t been a back to back champion since I won a Twister marathon at a kegger. And I’m pretty sure I ‘lost’ something in the victory, but that was before YouTube so I’m not really sure.

      As for this ongoing stalker thing, If I issue a PFA on you, does that make our arrangement more disturbing or more hilarious? I’m part Irish, so I can deal with all of the above.

      • Guat, the Twister marathon wasn’t nearly so bad as the time I lost at Battleship. With my friend’s boat. He hasn’t invited me out since. People…..
        The PFA thing was a joke. I would never ask for protection from someone who WANTS to hang around me.

    • Petal, thank you. I really should try and dig up Susan Lucci’s acceptance speech when she finally won an Emmy.
      Okay, here it is. Just so’s you know, she receives the award at the 2:15 mark and finally starts her speech at the 4:00 mark. Evidently, she missed her real calling. She should’ve been a politician.

  1. I know this response is coming just a wee bit late but I’ve been away on vacation. Just started posting this past Friday. Hope you really missed reading all of my pearls of wisdom. Surprisingly, one of the places I visited while in Italy was Corleone. I mention this because I read that your two fave movies are Godfather’s 1 & 2.

    I was both amazed and disappointed to discover that only about 4 1/2 minutes of the films were actually shot in this lovely picturesque town. The church scene in part 1 where Michael gets married was filmed in a smaller town a nice drive away from Corleone. The piazza was authentic and that’s really about it. (Even the exploding car was not filmed in Corleone-not on Monday, Thursday, Saturday, etc.. The best part of the day spent in this town was now I get to cross it off my bucket list…

    One interesting aside was that almost every other business establishment had photos from the two films blown up and placed conspicuously on a major portion of their walls. Who says capitalism is only alive and well in the U.S…

    Anyway, props on your nomination, thanks for the mention/nomination of Fantasy Furnace, the kind words, and for choosing to blog; a decision I am thankful for every time I read one of your articles!

  2. Fantasy, bless you for getting there. Those are the places my ancestors walked upon back when they were imagining their descendants would become jesters of their toil. NOT.
    As far as commercialism, that’s an everywhere place, don’tcha know?
    You deserve every mention you get. You’re my go to sports guy. So keep it coming.

  3. Hi CT,

    Yes I have to say lovely is not a word I would have linked to my virtual drinking buddy…. but well done anyway!!

    Re Andy Mac

    Let’s be thankfu it wasn’t Roddy Mc

    I claim that I once had lunch with Joanna Lumley— though in reality the wind blew the contents of my bag of crisps over her at an adjacent table – – – – dreams are made of these moments . . . .

  4. Music Man- I’m in keeping with the times on this matter of lovely. As for Andy Mac, when I think back to that moment, I can still feel the dizzying whir of perfume (Chanel?) and curly locks brushing against me in a brilliant tease. I’m pretty sure the experience would’ve been just a tad different with Roddy. Not to mention the resultant dreams…..

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