An educator and humanitarian who should’ve known his Shakespeare to a better end

It was Shakespeare who wrote “No legacy is so rich as honesty”.

It’s amazing to me how people who should know better, don’t.

To hear the Joe Paterno apologists, the statue’s removal came out of spite and vindictiveness. Clear evidence, they say, that the rest of the world just had it in for their guy. As if today’s events happened inside a vacuum- independent of the eye witness accounts of child rape and the grand jury testimony and the damning emails and the Freeh Report findings which helped tie all of it into a horribly neat little bow.

Bascially, the blue and white pom poms want us to know that it wasn’t Paterno . . . It was everybody else.  

That piss poor defense aside, the narrative on this statue happens to be all wrong. Forget spite and think public safety.

The student population at Penn State rivals that of Harrisburg- the state’s capitol. That’s a lot of knucklehead kids with chips on their shoulders spouting off in defense of a man that any right minded individual now understands never existed in the first place. These kids were camping out in front of the statue, for Chrissakes. It was a bad scene just waiting to happen- either late in the night or on game day. The statue was going to be a target for vandals and worse. And by worse, I mean the kind of worse that ends in fights and riots and God knows what else.

I wonder how many Penn Staters screaming bloody murder today would’ve been suing the University in the event their kid ended up hurt or dead as a result of defending a statue?

Its removal has nothing to do with vindictiveness. Call it a ‘reactionary measure’ but I tend to think reactions are gonna be strong when it’s discovered that a Demigod stonewalled investigations and redirected the narrative on a sick sonofabitch like Sandusky in order to protect his brand.

The press conference tomorrow morning isn’t gonna tell me anything I didn’t already see coming. The problem is, I don’t really think that certain of the alumni or the Paterno family sees what’s coming yet. And I don’t mean tomorrow, I mean for years to come. They don’t see what their arrogance is going to unleash. Their blatant disregard for the victims is only going to end up buying more scrutiny. Because every player incident that went away . . every speaking engagement in which Joe Pa showed up late with something other than milk and cookies on his breath . . every high school football coach he helped out of criminal charges . . . every single one of those instances will find its light of day.

See what I mean? There are a hell of a lot more chips on a hell of a lot more shoulders than Happy Valley will ever be able to match.

They’re gonna wish they had quit when they were behind.


10 thoughts on “An educator and humanitarian who should’ve known his Shakespeare to a better end

  1. I agree with Susie .. the covering up part sucks as well. And I’m sure if I was one of the parents of those kids I’d be pretty upset. It is a sad situation.

  2. Cayman, this is so true. I’ve heard a lot of discussion about the Penn State debacle, and you’ve addressed much of the recap well. It is doubtful that PSU has really been spared the “death penalty…” I believe they will not soon recover, if they ever do, regarding their reputation, both as a university and a football program!

    • Steven, I completely unplugged from the State tragedy over the last several weeks. Living right in the middle of Lions country, it wasn’t easy. I don’t call what’s happened a scandal, since what happened to those boys was nothing short of tragic.

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