My top 10 Summer Sexy List

As summer is preparing to close up shop and head to Al Gore’s compound for a staycation, I’m holding on to some of the sizzle. I’ve accumulated a top 10 list of lovelies who kept my summer hot.

Anne Hathaway- Hey, if it was simply about the cat suit, she wouldn’t have made this list (I’m lying, she would have.). She moved Cat Woman into the 21st century with her sexy smarts and her redefinition of lithe. My favorite Dark Knight Rises character. Purrr

Queen Latifah- Women who instill the fear of God in you while at the same time filling your head with devilish thoughts? That’s a home run combination. Her humor is infectious, her smile is addictive and when she throws a wink your way? Unfair.

Kyra Sedgwick- She’s a geek, which only makes the total package that much sexier. She added a slow leak of Southern sexy to her repertoire in The Closer. Those locks of hers are mesmerizing and she possesses the kind of laugh that just makes you want to hear more of it.

Sage Steele- Erin Andrews and Hannah Storm get all the play, but this demure dame is Bristol’s top babe. What makes Sage the keeper pick is her refreshing lack of pretense. Whereas Erin has a centerfold personality, and Hannah will rock the knee high red boots, Sage just is.

Ashleigh Banfield- She’s the antidote for a slow news day. Girls in glasses exude confidence, which is a very sexy thing.

Megyn Kelly- Speaking of cable newsies, you can’t forget Megyn. She’s got spice and a wicked sense of humor. Foxy indeed.

Mary-Louise Parker- She gets better looking all the time. She’s the hot mama next door who rings your bell and asks if you have a cup of sugar . . . and a fifth of bourbon she can borrow. Saaweet.

Lolo Jones- I don’t care what that weasel at the New York Times or her teammates say. Whenever I watch Lolo, I feel proud to be an American. Among other things . . .

Famke Jannsen- She’s a long, tall looker who can make the most mundane activity look dangerous. And when she’s bad? Well, you know how that one goes.

ZZ Ward- She’s got soulful pipes, big talent and a kick ass collection of hats. But don’t take my word for it, sample the sugar for yourself.


6 thoughts on “My top 10 Summer Sexy List

  1. This is my second fave song you’ve put up since I became one of your loyal followers. My first was Amos Lee- Hello Again. Besides the fact that the music & lyrics are so smooth, I like the fact that the title of that song are the first two words of the song and that you never hear them again for the REST of the song…Rare as most hooks repeat the song title several times.
    Thanks for sharing Cayman!

    • Fantasy- I remember that Amos Lee selection, I put it in my Shadow Falls post when Damon returned. And you are right on about the first two words. Nice catch. It only took me…I dunno, a thousand hits to catch that one. ZZ cooks it up, for sure.

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