Cayman Thorn’s DNC Recap or Don’t Stop Drinking About Tomorrow

Eva Longoria- What the hell happened to Betty White? This wasn’t a good trade.

Julian Castro- Used to be the mayoral gig of San Antonio was a cake job- Schedule renovations for the Alamo, map out the Spurs parade route and work on your tan. Not no more. Castro is the political face to match a rapidly changing demographic. This was a smart move, and he delivered a smart speech.

Best burial of the “We Built It” loop- Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen exclaiming how VP nominee Ryan “built that”- in reference to the debt ticker at the GOP convention. The shark has been jumped, but hopefully Van Hollen blew it up.

Joe Biden- Save face? He got a new one! I wasn’t quite certain whether Joe was making the case for another four years or trying out for the Monday Night Football booth. Maybe it was both.

Gabby Giffords- What an amazing lady.

Bill Clinton- The former Prez could teach Roger Clemens a few things about pitching beyond twilight time, cause Bubba’s still got his fastball cooking. He takes simple words and paints them with fire, and his homespun delivery is without peer. The highlight, in a host of ’em, came when Bill railed on about the bad mojo coming out of the GOP. You’d have to be crazy to touch this, considering some of the nasty that has come out of the Obama camp- from the Hilary Pillory Primaries in ’08 all the way to that unfortunate “Dead Man Walking” spot against Romney this summer. Clinton didn’t flinch, and he nailed the landing. He hasn’t lost a thing, and Obama would be wise to keep him on the stump for the next two months because he is money.

Michelle Obama- Bill’s right, she’s a babe. Okay, he didn’t exactly put it that way . . but you know he was thinking it. I was.

President Obama- It doesn’t seem like eight years since he was a young pup giving the keynote at the DNC. Back then, he was best known as Oprah’s BFF. Now? Well, things have gotten so bad that even Oprah is out of a job. Okay, that’s not entirely accurate- just like Obama’s energy jobs claim was a few miles shy of the real deal.  That’s the game. Romney doesn’t hit a home run in his speech last week if he tells the whole truth. Just as our President won’t get his shiny happy DNC bump without padding his stats.

Obama is eight years older, wiser and tougher. He’s got a way with the podium like few orators I’ve seen, and he showed a Clinton like acumen for pace as he built his speech from the sober ground into a frenzied crescendo. He brought the fight tonight, laying down his Presidential gauntlet. Whether I agree with the Boss or not, I like my leader to do some gauntlet throwing. It’s very Clint Eastwood-like.


12 thoughts on “Cayman Thorn’s DNC Recap or Don’t Stop Drinking About Tomorrow

    • Katrina- What a wave you made with this comment (Sorry on the ’80s musical reference, I had to). I really appreciate this nomination, and am gonna come over to thank you personally. That’s awesome.

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