I Hereby Accept My Lovely Nomination

Katrina Perkins bestowed me with the One Lovely Blog Nomination the other day and I’m just now getting around to thanking her for it. I tell you what, I’m gonna be late for my own funeral, which . . come to think of it, might not be the worst idea I’ve ever had.

Ms. Perkins is an actress of the working variety. She’s not aspiring, she’s doing in the knee deep and come hither sexy sense of the entanglement. So go honey and gin up her joint and check out her latest roust. She is a lovely bit of mayhem happening strong.

Now, while I gratefully accept the nomination for Lovely Blog, I’m kinda scatty wire on the rules thang. Rules and me haven’t gotten along since I was old enough to break ’em.  But since it’s KP shouting out, I will not amscray.

The first part of this deal? Well, I told you all about the sugar being served up in big and lovin’ spoonfuls over at Katrina Perkins place. As for the next part of this bi’ness, I gotta share my own 411, which is the thorny part–BIG pun intended. Okay, in a band aid rip . . .

1- Cayman Thorn is STILL not my real name.
2- I am the owner of a cool black cat named Mr. Speaker.
3- My daughter is my best friend.
4- My “Vegetarian Summer” results were amazing. I lost the five stubborn pounds I had been wearing for most of the past two years; didn’t crave the smokes and will continue to incorporate my vegetarian selections into my diet cause I love ’em.
5-My favorite celebrity kibosh was with Tom Hanks. We talked baseball and vintage baseball cards. It wasn’t an interview, just a really cool chat.
6- I believe in angels.
7- Back in the day I celebrated my divorce with a trip to Vegas during which I had a one night stand. I used my real name, she used Celine. Just kidding . . . she went by the name Cher . . .

Bonus “About Me” thing (I told you I was no good with rules)- So, I follow up the believing in angels thing with my one night stand confession. Yep, if ya know me? This makes sense.

Now for the lovely part of this show. The people who pretty up this sad sack joint.

Break It Down Pete– Giants fans and Americans of all ages. . unite.

Adventures of a Dog Mom– If you love dogs, grab a leash and get here.

Steven Jeffries- Ditch the four letter habit and hit this guy up. MUCH better.

Eternal Solitude of the Restless Mind– Get to Brazil, like right now! Go….

The Wish Factor– She loves chocolate AND she’s an Iron Woman.

The Petal Pusher– She loved me from the get. Photo shop here.

Khamillion– Tell her to get back on her blog-saddle, please.

Simone Benedict– And her too. Seriously.

Sara no “h”– Alright, one more. Honestly. Give her shit about it. She’ll laugh.

TedBook– I’ve got a feeling he’s a Democrat. Don’t hold it against him.

The Hook– He just wrote a book. And it has nothing to do with Captain Hook. Or George Bush, or the Kardashians, or . . . yanno what? Just check him out.

4am Writer– Remember that song Rob Thomas wrote about 3 am? She trumped that by a country mile. Writers gather here.

Rowland Jones– We’re related. I’m the good looking one. Okay, we’re really not related, but I’m still the good looking one. Just don’t tell him I said that. Please.

Guapola– Speaking of good looking, this Idol contestant gives loves out in every post. Punch him back some love, and make it count.

Susie Lindau– Unwrap an adventure. I call her Colorado cause I always attach a moniker to someone I dig. Take my advice, and you’ll dig her too, even at 5,000 feet high.

It seems the operator of this blog- Cayman Thorn- was remiss in his nomination process. While he abided by the rules of the nomination process, he left out one of the big players on this blog-bar . . .Fantasy Furnace. If I have offended anyone- Fantasy Furnace- with this omission, I sincerely apologize. Hopefully, my New York visa has not been revoked as a result of this unfortunate incident.

That’s it. I have officially accepted the nomination for One Lovely Blog, and I have nominated fifteen other people in light of it. Now, if only our Presidential conventions worked this way. That would be some cool shit, for the cable cabals anyways.

In licking this envelope closed, I send this one out to MY lovely. Cayman might rule this roost, but I’m in charge of the last dance, thank you very much.

Peace and love, kids. And go Lovely.

29 thoughts on “I Hereby Accept My Lovely Nomination

  1. I’d like to thank the Academy…golly gee whiz, Batman, I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do with all the prize money! I’m, I’m, so speechless!

    Four score and 214 days ago, I came to “this stinkin’ joint” with a dream…Yes, I have a dream! Okay…that’s all I got…

    Thanks a lot, my friend! Always good to hear from you.

  2. Damn – I’m in some great company with this one!
    Always a pleasure reading your posts, Cayman, and lovely doesn’t begin to do it justice.


  3. Thanks so much Mr. Cayman! Wow! I am verklempt…Congratulations to you. Looks like you have a lot of angels swirling around you!
    Loved your fact sheet! You are probably a celebrity hanging out with the “little people…”

    • Susie- Verklempt is the perfect description of how I felt . . . While I am most certainly NOT a celebrity, my son and daughter are celebs in waiting. My son is going to be the hot shot Senator and my daughter will be the human rights advocate who keeps him honest. At least, that’s the way I’m seeing it.

  4. MUY nice my friend. Thanks so much for the nod and the lovely part. Being a sports lover, clumsy athlete, and IronMan triathlon like wannabe lovely isn’t really a word people use to describe me. So thanks 🙂 I enjoyed your little fact sheet too. I love the fact that you talked to Tom Hanks. I mean you just hung out with him talking about baseball. I constantly go to Dodger stadium and never see him, even though he has a luxury box. This is probably why I never see him. Dude. You’re awesome. Congrats, well deserved 🙂

    • MUY lovely, Ms Guat. The chat with Tom Hanks was in my other life, when I ran a gallery/gift shop. He came in with his wife Rita Wilson and mosied right up to my vintage baseball card case. I had a great collection of cards back in the day- all the old Yankees, Mays, Williams, Ryan, etc- and he was in his happy place. He was playing it very low key, with a semi-something kinda beard going on and a baseball cap, so I just chatted with him as if he was anybody else. Rita Wilson is a very sweet woman, and I’m not saying that just cause she spent a nice bit of coin. They’re really nice people. We had an interesting array of famous peeps come in over the years- from the owners of Harley Davidson- who were regular customers and super nice people- to Robert Wagner, Marie Osmond (very impressed with herself), Tom Cruise (very nice), Charles Barkley (very funny) and others.
      YOU deserve all the lovely plaudits you get, Ms. Guat.

        • Guat- Between you and me? My second favorite chat with sports celebs was in Chicago at a sporting goods show. The late great Chuck Daly on one side of me and Dominique Wilkins on the other. Two of the sport’s true gentlemen, indeed.

    • Fantasy, I THOUGHT about you. Hey, you’re my go to sports guy. I just wanted to get Steven in there since I didn’t hit him the first time around. I love you Fantasy Man. Tell me what I can do to make it up. Anything. Okay, anything reasonable . . .

    • RJ- America is an awards crazy place. Most of us are born with the Award nomination acceptance speech gene- which is replete with clever comebacks. Those of us who are not so fortunate, simply hire speechwriters. Most of those guys are in Congress.

  5. Indeed, thank you very much for this wonderful award. I shall display it proudly. Love your interesting facts. But they have definitely made you more mysterious. That’s a good thing.

    • 4am- Cayman took on a life of his own. The original purpose of this blog- no kidding- was to blog about a broken heart on the part of yours truly. “Drowning the Shallows” quickly turned into drinkswellwithothers, since I couldn’t bring myself to blog about my personal life as it was. The mystery is a good thing, if only to keep people interested 🙂

  6. Mr. Thorn, Susie, Mr. Guat, Steven, members of the academy, I am truly humbled after reading your adendum to your article, and appreciate the acknoledgement, abeit a tardy one. I accept this award on behalf of all those nominees who were also ‘afterthoughts’. Because of the bond that has formed between the Furnace and Drinks well, I most graciously accept this award in the true spirit of “blogsmanship” and…oh my, I hear they started playing that infernal music which means they’re going to commercial so I must cut this short…uh..eh….I just wan……

      • No, Cayman, actually NOTHING will ever top that Hooters Speech…Okay, all seriousness aside, thanks for mentioning my main man Steve. He IS a great read and I am a fan!

        Gotta go now. I have to work on my next acceptance speech from Drinks Well..

        • Fantasy Man- You and Steve are the dynamic duo. As for your next acceptance speech? Think Daniel Day Lewis in “There will be Blood”. He has some classic lines in that one.

  7. First congrats to you dear sir! You are such an amazing talent and I enjoy your blog and your wittiness is unmatched!
    And thank you for the nomination. I have been absent well pretty much all year but I miss my blogging and the release (yes release) it gives me. I will do right by you when my laundry is finished and I have that sweet 12 seconds before it builds up again! 🙂

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