Addictive Blog Award Acceptance Speech (Mwah Rating)

The lovely and talented Guat over at The Wish Factor has nominated me for the Addictive Blog Award. I’m pretty certain the only reason she did so was to keep me from giving her shit about her LA Dodgers extended winter vacation. Okay, that was rude, even for a Yankees fan. Sorry Guat, I was rooting for your Dodgers. It’s been too long since a Dodgers-Yankees tilt in October.

But I digress. This here is about the Addictive Blog Award, and Guat. What to say about the girl who dreams in chocolate?


She’s a SoCal Gal with a chef’s flair for marrying flavors together in her blog posts. She owns spunk, brings the funk and takes absolutely no junk, from anybody. She’s the orange and yellow spiked hues that crank up your starkly ‘same old daily planner. The smiles she provokes linger, the dreams she shares possess hold and the words she bungee jumps off of (literally and figuratively) are creamy catapults into sublimity. And the best part of it? She nominated me for an Addictive Blog award, when it rightly should be the other way around. That’s coolness, squared.

Since this award is about all things addictive, I thought I would share a few of my every day addictions with you just for kicks.

Chris Nolan Flicks . . . The Miami Dolphins . . . Zombies . . . Clark Shoes . . . Irish Girls . . . Running . . . Kissing  . . . Mangoes . . . Tennis . . . October Baseball . . . Iced Coffee . . . Hot and Sour Soup . . . Peppermint Altoids . . . Black Cats  . . . York Peppermint Patties . . .  Documentaries . . .

And as per the quid to the pro, here are a few peeps I find pretty addictive, and who I’ma nominatin’ . . .

Fantasy Furnace and Steven Jefferies– Forget the 4-Letter Network. These guys do sports right.
Susie Lindau– A literary Rocky Mountain high.
Guapola– Good men are easy to find if you’re reading here.
Adventures of a Dog Mom– She’s a dog person with an inner foodie going on.
Rowland Jones– I think we’re related. I’m the better looking one, but don’t tell him that.
Katrina Perkins– When she goes A-list, I figure, I can call in this favor? Hmmm.
Veronica: The Pajama Thief– The name alone should lure you in. But her word of the day is what gets me.

So . . . Miss Guat of Wish Factor fame, thank you for being a rock star on my concert schedule. You had me at “I’m a Pat Riley fan . .”, but you didn’t stop there. It’s not in your DNA to stop, ever. And that comes from the man you often post on, su padre. To which I can only say, I hope my little girl grows up to be just like you.


25 thoughts on “Addictive Blog Award Acceptance Speech (Mwah Rating)

  1. That is quite a tribute to the Guat. She should be sure to print it up and frame it! Your prose are the best or was it a rap?
    Thanks for the nod! Now get your sorry butt over to my pahtay!

  2. Colorado- It was a framed prose rap, hold the mayo. And on the East Coast, we refer to it as Partay. Is that going on like, right now? East Coast may be ahead on hours, but we’s behind on all da rest. Hey…I just wrapped something!

  3. Holy Crap!This was my holy crap moment of the day. You have made my day, my night, my week, my month! I usually have plenty to say, but I find myself at a loss for words. Even though you dogged my Dodgers this was still one of the best compliments I have received. If I’m ever to have a crappy day, and I know I will they’re pretty common in Guat land I will definitely look at this. I’m going to take Susie’s advice, print it and frame it. Perhaps if I put it on the fridge my family will get a clue, although mi padre did think I was pretty badass.

    Thanks so much for your kind words, but know that you most definitely deserved this award — this little gold star. If I had a bigger star I’d give that one to you too, because you my friend are one of the funniest writers I’ve come across.When that book comes out, you know I’d be one of the first ones to buy it. I’d pay the hardcover price too. You are definitely one of my addictions, but chocolate remains at the top of my list. 🙂

  4. Gah – thought I’d commented yesterday.
    Well done, young man! And it’s an honor to be listed with some really great bloggers!

    And now off to check out the ones I don’t know!

  5. On behalf of all those at Fantasy Furnace, I accept this award most humbly, and also acknowledge my esteemed colleague and fellow nominee Steven Jefferies. You have been one our most ardent supporters for some time now and we hope to attract fellow ‘Thorn-ites’ Susie, Guat, and El Guapo to our site in the near future, because after all we’re all apparently one big happy family!
    Cudos to you my dear friend-for all the laughter and beautiful music you’ve brought into our lives. (Still a big Amos Lee buff thanks to you)
    Go Yankees!!!!!

    • Fantasy Man, unlike Peter “Name Dropper” King and other names I had to drop from my reading list, you guys never let me down. And our Yanks are gonna have their hands full with the ‘Os. I hope it’s a good series.

  6. Congrats on the award … love the list of likes …. oh no – we have some things in common … and congrats to your Dolphins handing it to my Bengals today. Meanwhile, my Reds are delivering a good old-fashion butt whoopin to the Giants in Game 2. … and thanks for the video!

    • aFrank- I found myself getting way too hyped about yesterday’s win, which is never a good thing. My Dolphins have a knack for bringing me back down to earth in a hurry. The Reds were smart to bring in Jocketty. They’re probably the best team no one is talking about, and I imagine Dusty is just fine with that.

      • The Dolphins D did what they had to do, thus a win is a win – and a lose is a lose.

        Meanwhile, Walt and Dusty have done well. I don’t worry about the pitching, but the offense has been an issue with me for many years. Oh well, up 2-0 on the road is good, but still have to win one more.

  7. Full confession: Red Sox fan here. (aa aa, dodging rotten tomatoes!!) Very fine tribute, for a Yankee devotee, capped off with cappucino froth of a Randy Newman video featuring, oh be still my heart, ’80’s PERMS. This means that I will have to visit one more blog before getting on to the nonline part of the day, Guat’s. Nice post.

    • jbw- Believe it or not, I always like chatting up with a Red Sawx fan. Our teams histories are so intertwined, you truthfully can’t have one without the other. I took no pleasure in what happened to the Sox this year. Partly because I have always been a fan of Bobby Valentine, and partly cause it’s so much more interesting when the Yanks and Sox are going down to the wire. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Hey J, you’re all wrong on that count. I will have you know that I rooted for your Sox in the ’86 Series. Mostly cause the girl I was seeing at the time was a completely obnoxious Mets fan. But, it still counts.

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