Spooky Little Girl Sunday Coffee Love

With Hurricane Sandy’s road trip preparing to crash the East Coast,  they’re already estimating a kazillion dollars worth of damage before the first punch is thrown. I mean, like . . . no pressure, Sandy.

The storm is predicted to be bigger than Pablo Sandoval and uglier than the presidential race. So I shopped like it was Noah’s Super Bowl party.

The food groups? Be covered . . .

Grains: Beer
Vegetables: Frozen Pizza
Fruits: Wine
Milk: Chocolate Bars
Meat: Plenty of it

What is it about storms that brings out the cheat in our diets? Outside of the holidays, storms are the only time when stocking up on milk, bread and eggs is perfectly acceptable. It’s our dietary detente- a peaceful nod to carbs and cholesterol.

Anyways, I was turned on to a different kind of hurricane in the form of Kendra Morris. I have a fictional character named Kendra going on, and the real life version is eerily similar.

Fictional Kendra is a moody hot mess of blue jeans and hot pink accessories, with a thousand closet changes added in to the mix just to keep you waiting.  She can wear heels to do laundry and sneakers to a five star joint. She changes her mind on the fly and lets you pay for it, each and every time. Her kiss is like drowning in a crush of chocolate covered strawberries, her dance is a moving violation, her touch is a velvet hammer. She’ll love you good, but don’t get married to the idea that it’ll end with french toast in bed.

The fury of a storm is tempered by this  lovely sounding creature on a Sunday morning’s tab.


20 thoughts on “Spooky Little Girl Sunday Coffee Love

  1. You have a way with words my friend! So poetic…
    One question. How are you planning to bake that frozen pizza if the electricity goes? I hope you are a friend of Coleman and don’t need to fire it up!

  2. Colorado, I didn’t really get frozen pizza. It just fit the humor of my food pyramid so I used it. Besides, I already HAVE frozen pizza…which I cooked up a while, along with barbecue chicken and meatloaf.

  3. As always, your lyrical tone is hurricane akin to Muhammad Ali trash talking George Foreman.

    Wasn’t so keen on the song. Not sure why. Going to have to listen again to figure out why.

    Stay safe, Cayman!

    • Actually, I didn’t partake of a single beverage of choice. All those beverages, lonely and weepy and calling my name…and me, the teetotaler. Very strange few days, indeed.

  4. I see you’ve chosen all the comfort foods to ride out the storm! Kendra sounds like she looks like many of the Cuban women–they are definitely not shy to show their sexuality! I was rather impressed.

    • Cuban women and shy, they don’t go together, you’re right about that. I cooked up everything before the storm hit just in case we lost power, which we did intermittently but not for any real length of time.

  5. If I could explain things with the same passion that you can I would be writing a book. You had me at chocolate covered strawberries. You have a way with words my friend that makes me so envious..

    • Sara- You’re always so sweet. I have a book going, and Kendra is a character- although not central. I have done newspapers and magazines, but I’ve never published a book. But it’s gonna happen. My only thought is, under what name? I love Cayman Thorn, but I don’t think I would carry that over.

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