‘Perspective’ is knowing what money can’t buy

One of the big news items last week, before the tragedy of Sandy Hook, was Josh Hamilton’s signing with the Angels for a cool 125 mil. The man is a big talent, but all four lettered network hyperbole aside, he ain’t worth 125 million dollars for doing it. Not even if a bloated market says otherwise. Same goes for Zack Greinke, who inked a 147 mil contract with the Dodgers days earlier. That’s 147 million Dodger Dogs for a pitcher who has pitched in as many World Series games as I have.

They’re fine players with every right to holler for every dollar they can get. But I’ve got a couple of people whose shine inside the darkest of days mattered more than any accomplishment on the diamond ever could.

I’ll start with President Obama. The Boss of the Free World has more tough road ahead of him. When I watched his press conference, I saw the anxious father of two little girls trying his best not to lose it. I may have voted for the other guy in November, but I stand behind my President; knowing full well he doesn’t make nearly enough.

Then there was Kaitlin Roig. Last Friday morning, Kaitlin thought it was over for her and her students. And so she told her kids that she loved them. She does it every day in her deeds and in her actions, but inside the worst of days, she somehow topped herself.

Bless the heroes we lost and those souls gone much too soon.


13 thoughts on “‘Perspective’ is knowing what money can’t buy

  1. And yet, before too long, Sandy Hook will be pushed into the backs of our minds, and who’s getting what contract will again be at the front of all the noise.
    Sad thinking about what that says about us.

  2. I agree that the President doesn’t make nearly enough, and neither do most teachers. As much as I love baseball, it pains me when we discuss whether a player is worth $125 million. Of course they aren’t!! That’s ridiculous. Of course, neither is Brad Pitt or Bruce Springsteen. We pay way too much for entertainment.

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