My Favorite Christmas Gift

At approximately 10:30 this morning, a fairly significant event took place. Nah, I’m not talking about the Mayans. Those guys couldn’t have predicted the end of the Titanic movie, much less the end of the world.

I am officially solo Pro tempore for Christmas. It’s the first time that’s happened since the Pittsburgh Pirates were legit title contenders.

No kids. No woman. No kidding.

I saw the kids off from BWI this morning for a week with their mother in Santa Fe, where their menu will consist of snowboarding, ice skating and Dad gossip. And then there’s my girlfriend, who will be shaking loose in Pensacola for the next five days with her Flyboy namesake.

Okay, so maybe I was over hyping the fairly significant event angle, since I’m gonna be the only person with no discernible change to my schedule.

For tonight, I’m gonna crawl into a spill of tunes whilst waiting on dinner. After which I’m gonna snug up to my favorite Scrooge of all time- the one with Alistair Sim playing humbug. Tomorrow will be all about last minute retail, cause it’s my little tradition, for the better of its worse.

Tuesday morning, I’ll Skype with the kids early. And then I’ll call girlfriend and smooch a few, after which I’ll adhere to the catch up and random thoughts laundry that will hang across my phone lines from different places. And then I’ll drop in on an old friend. She won’t be home. Not at that time. Never is.

This old friend taught me the meaning of forgiveness in October of 2006, after a one room schoolhouse went cold. And inside of that doing, she taught me faith. She’s Amish, this friend of mine. Her years are advancing but her spirit ain’t budging. And she helped me to figure out the unfigure-outtable in such a simple and pure way. The rich folk who claim to own timeshares in the literary Cosmos could stand to learn a thing or two from her, lemme tell you.

I’ll lay a card and a basket at her door. It’s a non-reciprocal allegiance to a conversation I’ll take with me to forever. Because she made me look at the end of days the way it should be looked at. We close our eyes to such a possibility every night. So it should only stand to reason that we embrace the gift that comes, with opening them.

Merry Christmas.


13 thoughts on “My Favorite Christmas Gift

  1. Bummer that you will be separate from your joys on Christmas Day, but I’ve got the feeling you are going to make the best of it. Love the video and song, so thanks for that treat – absolutely one of my favorites from TSO. Merry Christmas and peace for 2013!

  2. So touching..I have someone in my life just as special if not moreso than our friend. And that’s my Sister!! Enjoy the Holiday my friend…
    And if I lived near Susie you could have dinner with her and then coffee, cake and some egg nog with us…

  3. As usual, well stated my friend. And a Merry Christmas, although belated I’m afraid, to you! I love “A Christmas Carol” with Sim as well…both for the nasty way he was, and the man which he could, and did, become! It gives me hope even in a “fallen” world…

    And, as for our politicians who have purched themselves at the very edge of the “fiscal cliff,” I would say this…if they allow us to slip into “economic bedlam,” I will understand any who wish to “boil them all in their own pudding, and be buried with a stake of holly through their hearts!” I, however, will not take part as I live by the spiritual belief that vengeance belongs to a “much Higher Authority” than myself!

    May you and yours have a very happy New Year, Cayman!

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