A Knute Rockne minute, by Cayman Thorn

In my next life, I want to write pep talks. They’re so kitschy and sublime. And if they don’t work? You can re-use them.

Go Irish

I believe in my heart and soul that when you wake up tomorrow morning, you’re gonna be champions. But here’s the truth of it. I have believed in this group all the way from spring practice, I have. So as far as tomorrow morning is concerned, if you want the proof of my belief? Well, it’s out there on the field . . tonight. It’s waiting, for each and every one of you.

No history book concerns itself with second place. So it’s up to us, to write the history we want to wake up to tomorrow morning. We have a great team standing in our way and beating them, taking what they have, is going to be no small feat. History never accords itself with the easy way of doing things and it’s certainly not going to change for our sake. But we didn’t take the easy road to get here. We fought and we scrapped and we bled and we believed and we earned this chance. We got to this night, because we made our own road!

Everyone in this room remembers Dublin. You remember Michigan. You remember what the experts said about us before the Oklahoma game. You remember what they said about us after the Pitt game. The experts . . .  didn’t bless the thousand miles it took to get here, and they’re sure as hell not gonna bless the one last step we take to make this season ours.

They are however,  gonna remember tonight. We can write the history that gets told. The history you plan on waking up to . . .  from tomorrow morning until the lights go out. Because this isn’t just any night, this is our night. This isn’t just any game, this is our game. This isn’t just any moment, this is our moment.

History is calling. Let’s answer.


5 thoughts on “A Knute Rockne minute, by Cayman Thorn

  1. Whoot Whoot!!!!!
    Who’s playing again??? 🙂 If it’s not a team in a State that I have lived in, then I probably have no clue as to what is going on. The only thing I know is the Bronco’s are going to the Super Bowl. What? One more play-off game? Pffft!

  2. Um, Susie, Your parochial is showing. It’s the Irish…all you need to know. And they win, remember? That’s alright, I can’t blame you. Except….I don’t really get what you see in the Nuggets, but I’ll overlook that. As for the Broncos, I really thought Peyton was done coming into this season. See how that worked out…..

  3. Dude, it was a double fortune….sometimes you get those, with two fortunes inside of one cookie? It’s always interesting when they have two diametrically opposed thoughts, but that’s another post for another time. Lifetime? Really? Man, I gotta sharpen up.
    Getting ready to head out for this fun bit o’ theater. Catch you on the other side.

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