Guatacular is officially a word I just made up

Blog of Year AwardGuat passed along some love last week that I’m just now getting around to thanking her for. If I worked for the Postal Service, such prompt attention would fetch me a raise. In bagels. Which . . . is pretty damned good.

This mad scientista of The Wish Factor nominated Drinks Well for “Blog of the Year”. Methinks she was dipping into some chocolate liqueur when she did so, but I’m not launching an investigation or anything. Seriously, I’m honored to be thought of in such good stead by a writer I enjoy immensely. That’s better than bagels, any day of the week.

So the rules of this, well . . I have no idea because I’m so lousy with rules. The management at Adam’s Mark Hotel in Philadelphia can attest. In my defense, I thought painting the walls and installing a full size fridge would only increase the value of the guest room.

I’m just fooling, I know enough about these blog nominations to get me arrested. But I prefer stringing together a top five.

Top Five Rules For This Nominee

1- Mention the person who nominated you. That’s cake.
2- Do not mention Charlie Sheen. Oops . . . dammit! See what I’m saying about rules?
3- Go heavy on humor to hide fact you’re too lazy to read rules.
4- Promise not to make any more football predictions. Ever.
5- Nominate others.

If you have any questions or comments about this list, feel free to email me at  If you have any criticisms, email John Boehner.

Guat? She’s a So Cal chica whose stories are liquid photographs. She comes from good people and she wakes up every morning to the idea that today is gonna be her day to rock the world. On those days when the world tries punking her, she gifts herself some chocolate for the religious purpose. And inside the times when she gifts us the struggles and successes, we’re the better for having glimpsed her untethered moments.

My only critique on LA’s finest, is that she tends to forget how cool it is to have the Pacific Ocean for a backyard. At least, this Northeastern boy thinks it is. But she never forgets how cool it is to be on the J-O-B as mom. She’s a damned good one, if you ask me. And since this is MY acceptance speech, you can.

Now . . I’m gonna nominate as many peeps as I please. I’m not sure how long this might take, so grab a beer and put your feet up. Hopefully, you do that every time you read this blog.

Here then . . my nominees, and why I read them.

Susie Lindau– She’s a ‘wild ride’ of pictures and great stories
Guapola– To catch his wave of great writing and killer tunes
Adventures of a Dog Mom– She’s got an inner foodie thing happening
aFrank Angle– His travels and his cartoon love.
Fantasy Furnace– He’s one half of my sports guy tandem
Steven Jeffries– He’s the other half
Simone Benedict– For introducing me to Deadeye
4am Writer– This New Englandah is a wicked good writah
Petal Pusher– For Zen captures and good karma quotes
Khamillion– She’s got style, humor and smarts. Brent Musburger can tell ya, Auburn girls rock
Veronica: Pajama Thief– Short or long, she delivers velvety goodness
Break It Down Pete– For his tell it like it is’ness
Katrina Perkins– So’s I can say ‘I knew her when . .’

Thank you for attending the 1st annual “Greatest Blog in the History of Blogs thanks to Our Father who art in Tennessee, Al Gore” . . . and we’ll see you next year!

Yanno, all kidding aside, I probably should copyright that blog award.

Anyways, thanks for humoring me once again. But even more than that, thanks for taking the time to read up on my place. You are all much appreciated for the wit, wisdom and fun you bring to me whenever I put up my feet and roam.

As for you . . . Guat, thanks for the laughs, the poignant moments, the inspirational quotes and the momentary lapses of reason that always happen inside that place called parenthood. I probably told you this already, but I do believe it bears repeating.

He would be proud.

Hey . . . this is what I think of ‘yall . . . (Why am I still speaking Alabamanese?)


28 thoughts on “Guatacular is officially a word I just made up

  1. Holy Crap! Guatacular … I love it! Very awesome and very much obliged for the kind shout-out. Oh … I certainly do appreciate the Pacific Ocean, make it out there almost every weekend in the summer. But you’re right sometimes I forget the coolness of being able to hang out with my toes in the water and butt in the sand, hanging out with the other Coppertone peeps. But thanks for the reminder … 🙂

  2. My Grandmother always told me..she said, “Furnace!” (She always called me Furnace), “It’s better to be one half of a Sports Guy Tandem than none at all!” So thanks for the 50% Cayman and now I have to put my beer down and get back to writing our next piece.
    Thanks for the nomination!

    • Deadeye- Loved your last installment, and while I don’t want you going ditch diving again, I wouldn’t mind some more experimentation as per that writing you threw our way.

  3. You Guata-be kiddin’ me! Why, little ol’ me has been nominated for 1/2 of this “fabtastic” award? Well…shut my mouth…(that’s what my momma used to tell me…a lot)! Just to be mentioned in the same conversation with such bloggers, writers, enlightened thinkers, and well-known stinkers, is an incredible honor.

    Cayman, what can be said about someone like you? Oh, sorry…I didn’t mean to ask that! I mean, you are so, well, so…well you know. More importantly, we all know what we say about you…No! It’s all good stuff…mostly. Well, I mean it’s a compliment to a guy like you, (golly, did I say that right? Probably not). It’s complicated.

    Anyway, I’m a great fan of yours, and to receive a nomination for this is way cool. Words is my life…as I’m very certain you can tell. So, that’s pretty good enough for a speech, right? Now, if you will excuse me, just like my other half, Hank, I gotta get back to exposing the injustices within the wide world of sports.

    You all are, well, you know…

      • Cayman…hey I know the “award” is your way of sending a very sincere gesture of appreciation to some of us. It’s all in fun and I think it’s great!

        Thanks for including me in it…hope my speech was acceptable!

        Take care my friend!

          • Hey Cayman…not so much a Dodger fan anymore, but I used to be a HUGH “Big Blue” fan. Now, however, I have gotten away from the standard “California picks.” However, I still hate the Giants and the A’s…

            My cousin actually manages the “Storm,” which is the Class-A minor league club for the Padres, so I go to those games and support those kids…


  4. […] Friday again at last. Where did the week go? And why didn’t it go faster? It was a very long one for me – late nights and lots of frustration. How did I get through it? Why, by reading blogs of course! Here’s some of what I saw: Sofia Leo is moving ahead with her plans for freedom! Jamie had some great great thoughts on gay marriage. Lorre is celebrating her fourth(!) No Divorcesary! And the inestimable Cayman Thorn gave me a blog of the year award! […]

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