Things that annoy me (6 degrees worth)

Taylor Swift Breakup Songs- Alanis gave great breakup song. Pissed off, sexed up, singular. That last part is most important. The breakup song is a one shot deal, unless you’re Adam Duritz of Counting Crows. Thing is, Adam has a musical skill set that allows for him to write the been done wrong song in perpetuity. Taylor Swift doesn’t. And right when I was about to thank Michael J. Fox for telling it like it is . . .

Apologies- . . . he apologizes to Taylor Swift. Even though he meant what he said and he had every right to voice his opinion. Then the wife of Patriots receiver Wes Welker blasted Ravens LB Ray Lewis for being a hypocrite . . before apologizing. Yep, despite meaning what she had said. If you’re sensing a pattern here, then you need a life every bit as much as I do. And I ain’t apologizing for saying it . . .

Retractions- . . . because I usually mean it when I say it the first time. Unlike most anyone with a spotlight on them and five minutes worth of time with which to get in trouble. Like former Raider Tim Brown. One day he infers that his former head coach basically threw the Super Bowl, and the next day . .  he says that what he said previously? He didn’t actually say.  If you’re gonna make a statement- even one as ridiculous as Brown’s- own it. Yanno, like the baseball writers did . . .

Baseball Writers- Yeah, those  writers who vote on Hall of Fame nominees kissed major league ass during MLB’s Cinema Paradiso when baseball history was being torched. They didn’t think to ask how it was that the thirty five year old McGwire or the previously skeletal Sosa could knock out a thirty seven year old record with ease. In the same year! And when a thirty seven year old Bonds broke McGwire’s record three years later? Nope, the writers were busy pounding the buffet spread. Fast forward to 2013. And now they make a statement. Hmmm . . .

Katie Couric, Serious Journalist- Cause, hmm is what I thought when I heard Katie was going to interview Manti Te’o and get to the bottom of a bottomless pool of facts and fiction. I thought Katie had graduated from tabloid news. But who am I to call her a sell out when Matt Lauer is still alive to do so?

And speaking of sellouts, I can’t leave out Al Gore. Who recently sold his Current TV bi’ness to that posse of straight cash homies who own Al Jazeera-  This deal sucks a million different ways to Hoboken, but you know what’s most annoying? Now he has more money than God.

Believe me when I tell you, Oprah’s pissed.


10 thoughts on “Things that annoy me (6 degrees worth)

  1. I am so far behind in the gossip, but I did hear the M J Fox comment. I don’t blame him. I have a 23 year-old son too!
    Did Matt really call Katie on her lack of hard news? I thought they never got along well back in the day.
    Great list!

    • Michael J was right on with his comments. And no, Matt didn’t have anything to say about Katie’s latest venture. At least someone was taking the high road. Thanks Colorado.

  2. Emily- Taylor Swift is one of the reasons that…if given the choice, I would go with being deaf over being blind. And yes, please don’t apologize…..maybe we can start a new trend….

    • Handsome- The baseball writers and Al Gore have something in common. They both tried to forget the ’90s. It cost Gore an election, and it cost the baseball writers their credibility. As for Taylor Swift, she was born and raised about half an hour from me. But lemme tell you, Nashville can keep her.

    • 4am- Michael J. is the man. I don’t really hold it against him as far as his apology, since that’s the business they’re in; you just never know when you might have to work with someone. With the way Swift has been conducting herself, I wish Kanye West would interrupt her at EVERY awards show.

  3. Pete- You realize you’re stalking, right? Which is plenty cool with me.And while we’re at this . . . I never did ask what baseball team you root for. Yanno, since your Football Giants have been in the frozen food section since December (Hey, JUST kidding. I’m a Dolphins fan…we haven’t sniffed a Super Bowl since Reagan was running things).
    So spill it….what baseball team are you shacking up with?

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