Sunday Morning Coffee Love- The Art of the Witch

I dated a witch once.

Mind you, I was never presented with an actual letter of authenticity other than her profile in which she identified herself as such. Being I was only shelling out like twenty bucks a month, I figured it was great value- to meet a witch, even a self professed one.

It was early on that I began to doubt the veracity of this witch business. She owned an impressive collection of books, yet try as I might I couldn’t find a single copy of damnable proof. No pentagram puzzles, no How To Hex Books, No Wicca for Dummies, no Jong or Rice . . not even a Rowling.

The only witchcraft I witnessed came when we would steal the moon away by holding court in never sleep coffee shops. We would immerse ourselves in these thick and varied conversations- from politics to music to the sitcom as cockroach.

She would rant on about how she wanted to emulate Salinger’s success as an author one day. Write a novel and then disappear into the ‘burbs.

I didn’t really believe her when she said these things. It felt more like a caked up postulate, a pipe dream she could accessorize to fit her mood. Pretending you don’t want to be famous is a favorite pastime of people who desperately want to be famous. It doesn’t make you a witch. Unless we’re talking Kate Gosselin.

Thing was, she engendered such an espirit jeune that I found it impossible not to believe whatever she said. She also happened to possess these sensational legs.

Her stories were groovy expeditions; especially the ones where she would rappel into adventurous vignettes. Such as the cross country trip she took or the time she bummed around France for a month on city benches and hostels, living on cigarettes and crusty bread and getting by on her good looks and long legs.

See, here’s the thing. Women concern themselves with stuff like finances . . children . . commitment. A guy worries about legs. Meeting legs, getting to know legs, holding on to legs- figuratively, literally, perpetually. The truth is, when it comes to perspective? Men rent the space that women own outright. So for those of you who really believe all that shit about men ruling the world? Go back to sleep.

Ask a guy about global warming and he might be able to give you eight seconds worth of opinion. Ask the same guy about legs, and then pull up a chair, bake a cake, take a nap, call your relatives in California and go visit them while you’re at it.

I remember the night when she convinced me that she was, in fact, a witch. We were sitting along this grassy bank overlooking a pond and waxing metaphysical, when she removed herself from my embrace and began undressing before plunging into the water.

In that moment, I was ashamed of myself for ever having doubted her.


19 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee Love- The Art of the Witch

    • Fantasy- Thanks. And yeah, I always took you for a guy who brought his lit books to the front stoop with a smoke in one hand and a Yoohoo in the other. J.D. was a writer I greatly admire for the fact that he wrote just for the writing of it.

        • Fantasy- What’s say we keep him alive with a cross country convertible run? Yeah…we’ll just tell the family we’re setting things right and go all Thelma and Louise on the matter (The Man Version, of course).
          Okay, maybe not.

            • Forget Amos Lee. We’re going over the cliff this way…

              Hank: Well Tonto, I guess this is gonna be our goodbye.
              Cayman: Hell, I thought strippers would be involved. And Vegas. God has a crap hellish sense of humor, don’t he?
              Hank: Nothing funny ’bout this ending. Wanna smoke?
              Cayman: Being as how I quit while I was living . . . why not pick up on a bad habit while I’m getting busy with the dying.
              Hank: What do you think happens next?
              Cayman: I think we meet Billy Martin. And then it gets interesting.
              Hank: What? Billy isn’t interesting enough for you?
              Cayman: The Yankees win today?
              Hank: Nah man, Rivera blew the save.
              Cayman: Shit, I guess that means we’re dead already.
              Hank: Close enough, Tonto. Close enough . . .

    • Guat- I always went for the girls who played it straight in their profiles. I actually had a great deal of fun with online dating. I never tried speed dating. I think I’m gonna go with my girlfriend and pull a fast one. We’ll go through the bevy of candidates and save each other for last. Then we’ll just stand up and move to each other and yell “Damn! I want me some of that!”, We’ll just start making out and leave.

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