The journey of a thousand words begins with a single thought

I’ve taken a sabbatical from a great many things in my life. Work, relationships, smoking, drinking, red meat, baseball, running and the SI swimsuit issue . .  to name a few. Outside of smoking, I always returned with a better idea as to why my love for the thing was so hot and heavy to begin with.

Absence has hand when it comes to the heart, yanno?

So it happens that this post is my first shower of words in two stinking weeks. And while it seems counter intuitive to say so, I think I learned more about writing in the absence of doing so. Call it Zen, call it tuning in to your other senses, call it February.

I didn’t mean to take a sabbatical.  Hell, the only two good ideas I ever came up with in my life have been busy trying to convince me otherwise ever since they were born. As far as life goes, I’m as  clueless as that dude who docked the Exxon Valdez in the middle of a forest. On most counts.Writing gives me a place at the table. Always has.

Two weeks ago this Sunday I sat down to post something on love and life and ended up in a staring contest with my monitor, blankness winning. A blur of words would scream through my head in random sequences on the way to somewhere other than a captured thought, and so I pushed myself away from the keyboard and did something I had not done in eight years time.

I stopped writing.

In the not doing, I learned how much I love to write. I mean really fucking love to write. I mean, I love it with an aching need to do it. And before the absence, before I put down my pen and left my thoughts to gather and build, without textual confirmation, I am ashamed to say . . I think I took the writing for granted.

I learned the simple truth, that if I’m not writing, I’m not truly me. And while this ain’t Bedford Falls and I sure as hell ain’t George Bailey, I am better for having taken this time away.

So for the past couple weeks . . .

– Meditation was a cure all for the February blahs

– Yoga taught me you can always be in better shape, and so . . .

–  . . . Wii Fit became a habit (I must post on this at some point)

– Running continued to be my drug of choice. I didn’t take any time off this year, thanks to the unseasonable temps in December and January.

– A phone call from an old friend provided some inspiration (Another must post)

– I went to see LeBron James and the Heat. He’s the best player on the planet right now. And I’m talking any sport. Right now. I saw Jordan a few times back when the Bulls were rock stars, and while he’s still tops in my book, man, LeBron did some things that made me laugh like a kid. Amazing.

– Rock climbing? Still ain’t ‘ma thing.

– Baking a cake? That ain’t ‘ma thing either.

– Turkey salad, as it turns out, is. The secret is red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard and green onions.  With beer as a side? Perfect.

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran is higher learning.

Well, this was nice. It’s refreshing to find my words transferred into the black and white instead of the invisible ink of random thoughts. Seriously, I don’t know how mimes do it. All I know is what I love. And I know I love to write. Madly, deeply and always. Every now and again, you can find yourself when you’re not looking.


25 thoughts on “The journey of a thousand words begins with a single thought

  1. There’s nothing like hitting pause to re-evaluate and re-charge, you are so right. And as someone who loves to read as much as you love to write, I am very happy you are back to writing your blog 🙂

  2. You’ve done a lot!

    Yoga is awesome! Meditation is something that I’m not very good at, I just can’t sit still long enough or get my brain to go in the right direction. The Wii Fit though? I would love to hear more about it, the hubby and I are considering it. And, I bet you I could come up with a cake recipe you’d like to make!

    • Emily- You and hubby should date night some dinner and an electronics store jaunt. Get the Wii Fit. It’s so dorky and goofy and fun…..what’s not to love? And on the meditation thing? It takes some patience. You’re not going to be sitting on clouds right off the bat, and that’s okay. Just keep at it. It’s an incremental pace kinda deal. You’ll get there if you keep trying to get there. On the baking front, I’m miserable with measurements, which is why I love cooking. With cooking, I just go where the loving takes me.

  3. Great having you back! It isn’t only your diverse and entertaining articles that I enjoy reading so much as the banter between us that follows. What you write, for me anyway, is a refreshing diversion from the Wide World Of Sports that occupies most of my days and I for one have missed it.
    So keep on keepin’ on Cayman and fill those few minutes several times a week where I can put the RBIs, the touchdowns, and all the slam dunks aside and thoroughly enjoy a good read… Yours…

    • Fantasy- Well, I look forward to reading up on you. Personally, I think the next few months are the best of the sports calendar year. All the sports converge at once. You got the start of the baseball season, the NFL Draft, the NBA playoffs begin, and even the NHL gets interesting, although I don’t know how the playoffs can top what the Blackhawks are doing right now. Hell, even college basketball has a party coming up.
      Thank you for the kind words, they are much appreciated.

  4. Welcome back Cayman. I’ve on limited posting and only a few visits for the past month … and I’m bummed about it. Hopefully, my time will free up within the next two weeks – preferably sooner. Thanks for stopping by as your timing was good for me!

  5. I was getting worried about you and even mentioned it to Danny over the weekend!
    I only started writing two years ago, so the words are still pouring out. Like an addict, I find myself typing away for hours every day. I have to cut back to blogging twice a week or I won’t ever finish my book- my original reason for blogging in the first place!
    Sounds like you accomplished a lot over the last two weeks. Glad you’re back!

    • Colorado- Tell the Boss all is cool in Whoville. You guys are so cute, you make me want to read some Nicholas Sparks. Almost. As for your writing venture, I’m very interested in knowing more about it. Hey, I’m glad I am back too. Missed you guys.

  6. Even though you are on a (hopefully) temporary (much respected) hiatus, Check my post! You are nominated!! Thank YOU, and KEEP INSPIRING!!! -missing you Ralph.
    Pure Happiness,
    katrina Perkins

    • Katrina- If it weren’t for the fact I am a fool for that crazy hair you sport, I wouldn’t be pulling the post I just drummed up. It was all about the NFL combine and their “Do Ask, Do Tell” policy on prospective employees. Wells mama, I’ll post that one later in the week. For now, I’m gonna cook up something for this nomination of mine. May I say I am honored…without the Jaws theme kicking me off stage?

  7. So much I want to say about this post…but it’ll have to wait til Wed when I have more time! Working is really cramping my writing! Haha!

    And Cayman, Let’s talk Khalil Gibran; for hours…..

    • ‘Bama- I want to hear all this saying you got stored up in your locker room. Wednesday is supposed to blanket us with some Mother Natured comeuppance for all the storms we’ve missed out on thus far, so if the meteorologists actually get one right, I’ll be sitting here awaiting your thoughts. With Khalil at the ready.

  8. Great to have you back. I missed you too — and I’m not supposed to say that because nothing bothahs New Englandahs. ‘Cept the Yankees. 😉

    As you know, I have taken time off from writing — not by choice, and perhaps that is something I need to do for a reboot. Either way, not writing for me is like suffering from the plague. I don’t feel good, all around. Now that I’m back posting and writing another book, I’m feeling fulfilled and more energized.

    • 4am- You’ve got a hell of a talent. For writing. As for as your choice in baseball teams, not so much. But hey, great literature is borne of tragedy. As for the comedy? Well….by June, the BoSox will be supplying all you can handle. Hey, if I wasn’t giving ya crap…you’d think I left tha building fah good!

      • Pfffffffffffffffttttttttt!!!

        Hey, no one said New Englanders were mature. This is why we all drive around with stickers on our cars of Calvin peeing on the NYY symbol. You have seen those, haven’t you, dearest Cayman? 🙂

  9. 4am- Here I am, checking over my acceptance of a blog award (to which I nominated YOU) . . . and ya show up with this crude smack down of my beloved Yankees. And yes, I have seen those abhorrent car stickers. They are downright objectionable! Mostly because, us guys didn’t think it up first.

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