Me? Inspiringly Versatile? I bet she says that to all the nominees . . .

Inspiring BloggerThe lovely Katrina Perkins has nominated me for two awards at the same time. I think. What the hell, it’s my blog and it’s my acceptance post, so we’re rolling with two, coo?

Katrina is a thespian with ups. She is a Magna cum Loud graduate of the stage and screen who punches out her alarm clock every morning with clean hair and a beastly passion to hit the mark. She loves the hours she has determined into being, because that’s what dreamers do once the blueprint goes retail.

So it happens, that Ms. Lovely Locks has nominated me for Inspiring Blogger, which can only mean there is a dearth of inspirational stuff going on across WordPress. She also nominated me for Versatile Blogger, which happens to be my third nomination in that category- or . . three more than Sean Hannity.

Two awards in one? Jesus, I haven’t gotten this lucky since Vegas.

As per the rules, well, they’re simpler than Zach Galifianakis’s barber.

1. Display the Award Certificate on your website. (How timely, seeing as how I finally figured out how to display award certificates on my website. Let’s just say, the Red Sox catch on to winning World Series titles faster than I catch on to the widget thing. Sorry 4am, but you asked for it.)

2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award. My God….actresses. When is it not about them. Umm, did I just say that out loud? Awkward.

3- Present this award to 15 other deserving bloggers. Yeah . . as if there were 15 other more deserving bloggers than me. Um, why am I still talking out loud? What in the hell is my therapist doing with all my hard earned cash?

4- Let my nominees know they have been summoned.

5- List 7 interesting things about moi.

Okay, first off, the 15 deserving bloggers I have nominated. I love them all.

1- Susie Lindau
2- Guapola
3- The Wish Factor
4- Rowland Jones
5- Fantasy Furnace
6- Break it down Pete
7- Adventures of a Dog Mom
8- 4am Writer
9- Veronica: Pajama Thief
10- The Hook
11- Sara No “H”
12- Khamillion
13- aFrank Angle
14- Wilderness of Words
15- Reading Interrupted

And now, for the seven interesting things about me. The ones which do not include my previous life as a male stripper. Why am I still talking out loud?  That’s it, I’m calling my therapist right freaking now! What time is it in Paris?

1- Proud owner of a cool black cat who goes by Mr. Speaker.
2- I used to be be able to dunk a basketball.
3- I once shared the most amazing conversation about writing with the author Julia Alvarez. We went on for over an hour. What a gift.
4- When I was eight years old, I wanted to be a pilot. When I was nine years old, I realized it was much easier to just date a stewardess.
5- Speaking of, I once dated a girl who was dating a Philadelphia 76’er. (Not Charles Barkley, but. . he was a teammate of Sir Charles).
6- I own an extensive collection of vintage sports cards.
7- My daughter is my best friend. Don’t tell my son. Or Mr. Speaker.

versatilebloggerWell, that just about does it. And hey . . . not a single Seth McFarlane reference in this post! Okay . . . outside of that one.

Thank you Ms. Perkins, for nominating me not once . . but twice. Some day, I’m gonna have to write a screen play up just for you. We can do lunch on such a thing. And since I’m the writer in this creative entanglement, I’ll pay for the cab ride to the five star joint we have in mind.

I’m pretty sure you can grab the punch line from there.

37 thoughts on “Me? Inspiringly Versatile? I bet she says that to all the nominees . . .

  1. We love you too Cayman!
    Congrats to you and thanks for including me.
    I can’t wait to read your memoir. You have all sorts of juicy tales to tell, right? Would you use your pen name?

  2. Colorado- You know something? I am going pen name from here on out. I have a future post on where this pen name came from and where it should go. As for you guys, I missed you as much as the writing. You’re my rock stars. Indubitably.

  3. As one of the 15 other bloggers that will receive this prestigious award, let me first thank the academy, and a big thanks to you Cayman, without whom this award wouldn’t be possible, to your therapist in Paris, to my mother who told me never to overpay therapists, to Sally Field who made me believe that you like me, you really like me, to the one stewardess I DId actually date from Continental Airlines, and to …uhhhh…oh I see, they have begun to play that blasted music telling me to wrap this up…and lastly, here’s hoping that next year Halle Berry gets to present this award to me and not Adrien Brody!

    Thanks for the honor Cayman!

    • Fantasy Man, Now THAT is an acceptance speech. Yanno, as far as that Brody cat is concerned, he is proof positive that timing really is everything. Brilliant thoughts, man.

        • The Bengals were a Joe Montana drive away from scoring that title back in the ’80s. My Dolphins weren’t nearly as effective with the Niners in Palo Alto. I like Marvin Lewis lots.

          • In their second Super Bowl, a few plays before the game-winning TD was a dropper INT, …. right in this gut, then dropped … thank you Louis Billipps. The first time was a heartbreak because I still say the Bengals were the best team who just happened to have a bad first half – their worst half of the year.

  4. Mr. Speaker is such a fun name for a cat, so dignified! Congratulations on a much deserved award (and thank you for the nomination – very much appreciated!).

    • Letizia, yes…Mr Speaker does indeed have a dignified name, He came from the streets but he has forged a place among the royal lineage of cats that came before him. Our last cat, Ms. Trindle, was a tough act to follow.

  5. Ha! I really like that Katrina and the Waves song … it puts me in a good mood an 80s dancing mood:) And thanks for the props you’re like my sunshine 🙂 And duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude I am so jealous that you got a chance to talk to Julia Alvarez. Dude how awesome was that!

    • Guat- That IS a dancing mood song, isn’t it? It sends me back to 1985, every time. The conversation with Julia was amazing. She called me one day (Yes, she called ME, imagine that?) out of the blue. I had begun writing a book and I had way more questions than answers. She called me from her farm in Vermont and we just started chatting away like long lost friends. She is an amazing writer, but an even more amazing person. She has plenty of things on the burner, to which calling me ain’t one of them. But she did. And I will always remember that.

  6. The black cat…I’m still wiping the tears and so is John Boehner. Great name choice.

    As for a therapist in Paris..I can’t think of a better domicile for a therapist to live than in the city of love … my darling…after a days work listening to all of us screwed up romantics Paris offers a plenty abodes of love, laughter, and spirits (not to mention the delectable narcissism the Frenchies are known for and I so wish I could gain).

    Lastly, I appreciate the shout out…but I have never won anything in my life, I stopped expecting appreciation from anyone…especially my cat, and writing is one of the most treasured things I do that I expect absolutely NOTHING from and therefore am able to keep it completely of my insatiable whims.

    Sweet Cayman, stay tuned for a post from me of our beloved Khalil….

    • Hey K- Now I have a few more comments than just thank you, but I gotta get moving. I will continue this comment back and forth with you later. And yes, I am awaiting that post on Khalil.

  7. Why, thank you, Mr. Thorn. So kind of you to nominate me. (I’m blushing right now.) I’ll have to go learn the widget thing, too.

    And, can I just say – Oh my God, Julia Alvarez?! You are infinitely cooler than your cat!

    • Mary- I love making girls bluch. The widget thing isn’t as difficult as I was making it out to be. And yes, Julia Alvarez. Great stuff, great memory. I won’t tell Mr Speaker you said that.

  8. As someone who is not near as worthy a winner of this award of you, I can only thank you from the toes of my socks.
    And not the linty bits either.

    Congratulations, and now off to check out the other lucky ones…

  9. Thanks for the award, Cay-Man 🙂 I have a black cat, too. His name is Ninja and he is a thief. Truly. I need to post about it. Hey, I don’t suppose you have any BoSox in your card collection, hmmm?

  10. Hi CT,
    I thought I’d left a comment . . . but clearly not here! Thanks, my friend. I think you wrote -‘you don’t do these sort of things’ it’s not so much that as the fact I haven’t been nominated! So double thank you . . . . err, what happens now?

  11. And of course, congratulations to you!!

    Just re-read your seven interesting facts! I’m very impressed!!! Wow! do you have a Bugatti? A Ferrari? A Cobra? oh, sorry I thought you said ‘extensive collection of vintage sports cars . . . . ‘

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