We fight for the fine places we make in this world

This blog is where I come when I feel a soapbox moment happening, or to loose an idea or to rage over some miniature catastrophe with tongue firmly planted in one cheek while the vodka drenched olives hold tightly to the other. And then last week happened, and so I don’t feel much like camping out as Cayman Thorn today.

There was little Nichole Kristine Cable, who we came to know inside the desperate hours of her too short life. She only got fifteen years because a sick bastard lied her away from the house, and there’s no way you can wrap your head around this case without wanting to scream. My initial reaction is to curse the door that our connected world has opened. But I realize it’s not that easy. I realize that the worst laid plans of people do not concern themselves with convenience so much as they concern themselves with doing bad things, no matter the avenue they have to take to get there.

My reasoning self was justified and my scream stifled when I witnessed the rolled up sleeves I found across WordPress during the search for Nichole. Bloggers pressing their re-blog button, and showing me why a virtual neighborhood can matter every bit as much as the white picket fence variety. Hey, the only sense this world really makes, is that which we give to it.

What happened in Oklahoma is a humbling reminder that we don’t have the last word, despite our top of the food chain existence. Because the truth is, Mother Nature’s name is on the deed and we’re just renting. The proof of this was supplied by pictures of a town that went the way of a bad science fiction ending. And so it was heartening to see all the help that moved in just as swiftly as the tornado which had taken so much away. Cayman Thorn and I would agree on one count. Give.

I’ve never been to Colorado, but I have a solid education on the place thanks to a gal who possesses more back story on the Rocky Mountains than Sacajawea. Susie Lindau is a renaissance woman of the hottest order, with a To Do list that runs chapters long and never goes stale. She’s a one woman band, whose wild ride blog treats readers to heaping spoonfuls of love on everything from skiing to tennis to Christmas card making.

Susie shared her reality with all of us in a post this week. And I can’t go somber on this, because if I do, she’s going to fly in simply to kick my ass and fly back out. And there is nothing worse than having to pick someone up at the airport just so they can kick your ass.

Kicking ass is what Susie is going to be doing to the C word. Seriously, you mess with the bull, you get the horns AND Colorado, AND Danny. And all of us.  If you need more backup than that? You’re a shit screenwriter rehashing an ’80s cop show who’s hogging up all the Wi-Fi at your 7-11, so nuke that Hot Pocket and take the Asst Managers job at Target already!

As for backup, we got your back, Susie. All of us, from here to there and every other single place in between.

We love you. Much and always. For teaching us the one simple thing in a world gone mad.

Love wins.

20 thoughts on “We fight for the fine places we make in this world

  1. Holy man! Now that’s what I call a shout! I heard you all the way from your back eastern hide out.
    Danny laughed until he cried and said, “That guy can write!” then he said, “We definitely need to visit him, but not to kick his ass.”
    It is amazing how you “get” me. I am over the shock and with friends like you, will motor through this. Everyone should be this lucky.
    It was a helluva week. Month. I am ready for a week full of good news, although the bad news put my little hiccup in perspective. I am saying prayers for the families who lost loved ones.
    I am walking the Bolder Boulder to start the week on the right foot. 🙂
    Thanks so much for the amazing words Cayman. I am off to tattoo them on my back.
    Lots of love right back atcha!
    Move over Sacajawea!

    • It’s all about the love shout here at Drinks. You know it, Colorado.
      Tell Danny I come THERE. I want my ski and drinks at top level is what I’m saying.
      We “get” each other, Colorado. That’s what friends do and that’s how they work. Even if I have no idea how a Boulder could be any bolder than it already is…..and you’re walking it? No….way! Way!
      And…you’re the amazing one, Susie. You keep us smiling and laughing and thinking and hoping and riding. Wildly.

  2. Beautiful post, my friend.
    You had me from the title and kept rockin’ my socks off all the way though.
    Susie is indeed an inspiration and so are you.
    Thank you.

  3. You’re right Susie would fly out and kick your straight in the arse just like she’s doing to the “thing that must not be named”. Just like I told her she’s a rockstar and I’ve got her back. And, you too Cayman, you’re a rockstar for the awesome shout out you gave her!

  4. No doubt about it, Susie would kick your ass, then post about it. She is an amazing woman, and if anyone can get through this, she can.

    It has been a terrible week for news. I can’t get over some of it at all. Bottom line, that crap serves to remind us how short life can be, and how important it is to live it to the fullest so that we can blog about it later. 😉

  5. Dude! This was a really good post in honor of Susie. I just read her most recent post about this and I gotta say it was pretty funny. Her whole attitude and outlook on this are awesome and I know she’s strong enough to kick cancer’s ass. And with people like you … she’s definitely going to be Wild Riding for a long time.

  6. Outstanding post, Mr. Thorn. And NO ONE deserves your finely crafted words more than “our” Susie. (Funny, that’s how I think of her in this little piece of blogosphere – OUR. She’s our cheerleader, our go-to girl, our rock. She’s how I found the rest of you.)

    Awesomeness is radiating off this post, out into the universe and back again! Thanks for letting all of us bask a little in it.

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