Absence of malice isn’t a defense

HibbertI’m not gonna pile on Ron Hibbert for insensitive remarks he makes at a press conference. Who among us hasn’t uttered patently offensive crap while simultaneously possessing no desire to offend? Hey, I’ve got a glass house post right here that deals me out of judging anyone on the matter.

What I can have a problem with is Hibbert’s confounding inability to follow the protocol that was drilled into his cranium at those media seminars after he was handed the keys to his brand new NBA life. Yeah, his NBA power suit came with an owner’s manual that laid things out from the get. It goes something like this.

When you feel the need to say stupid shit, make sure you’re speaking . . . .

A) Off the record
B) In the locker room
C) At the club (As long as cell phones are not present)

Airing out the malodorous thoughts in your head when hot mics are involved is akin to passing around a hookah pipe at your kid’s show and tell.  It will fetch giggles aplenty, but it will not end well.

Hibbert understands full well what happens when you throw the word ‘homo’ around, even in jest. The time and place sure as hell ain’t a press conference full of Saturday night deadlines begging for a Sunday morning chew toy quote. Which is what Hibbert gave them when he went blue boy with his material. I believe him when he claims no malice was involved. But he can’t expect a free pass for his lousy judgment and he didn’t get one.

I’m not defending the guy. I’m simply wondering why it is that the media feels compelled to consider the opinions of athletes on matters of propriety and sexual preference when these guys can’t even figure out when to speak up and when to shut up.

I mean, really.

12 thoughts on “Absence of malice isn’t a defense

  1. the world is full of stupid people that open their mouths when they shouldn’t. he probably doesn’t even regret what he said, he was forced into making the apology. damage limitation and all that.

    • Hibbert was indignant about all the questions and criticism he has been dealing with as a result of the comments. Never mind that he was the one who started all this in the first place.

  2. If the “media” didn’t report on all the stupid stuff that stupid people say, how else would they earn a living? And speaking of money, who gets the 75K that Hibbert had to pony up for his insensitivity? I mean, does the NBA put it into a mega end-of-season lets-get-frickin’-wasted party where no press is allowed? Or do they use it for something more useful like sensitivity training sessions?

    • The sports talkies had no idea what they were talking about during the Heat/Pacers series.The way they kept changing their minds on the outcome as the series moved along made me feel as if I was watching a tennis match.
      And about that fine? Yeah, I get a funny feeling a few of these NBA poobahs are gonna be blowing that 75K in their expense reports as they invade South Beach this week.

  3. I agree with you … plenty people say stupid things, but you would think someone in that position — the I make at thousands and thousands of dollars by playing a game I enjoyed my whole life– would totally pay attention during the don’t say this kind of insensitive crap training.

    • This is why Dennis Rodman has always been a favorite of mine. The man always enjoyed his celebrity and he never let it mean more than it really did. His tongue never loosed a stupid thing. Okay, maybe it was on account of the fact his tongue was pierced, but hey . . . it still counts!

  4. The press kows that we have become a very sensitive society and knowing same has afforded them the fodder they need to sensationalize what morons like Roy Hibbert spews out of his mouth. Besides being plain stupid, Hibbert is immature and insensitive and will now sit home and watch the NBA Finals on TV for the next two weeks while hopefully he learns how to coduct himself professionally in front of the media.

  5. And here I thought Hibbert knew better after ‘graduating’ from Georgetown. You don’t suppose some of those student athletes the NCAA is always touting don’t actually go to class . . do you?

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