The Anti-Annoyances Post (Now 20 % More!)

Kevin Frandsen’s Helmet– I love me some pine tar battered headgear, and Frandsen is the league leader on this count. Google image “Kevin Frandsen pine tar helmet” and you’ll get a Getty image that looks as if Frandsen murdered a pine tar salesman, love it. To my way of thinking, a baseball helmet is like a pickup truck. It’s not meant to be pretty, it’s meant to be reliable and tough. This helmet . . is tough.

Continuum– My appointment television. I happened upon the show very much by accident, thanks to Netflix. Ever since, I have been a devotee of Barry Simon’s wicked genius. I’m not a sci-fi fan, but this show is so much more than that. I’m fascinated with time travel and true beauty, and Rachel Nichols provides my heaping helping of both. I love the characters- both sides- the story lines and the never ending twists and turns Simon writes up on a weekly basis. The Season 2 finale might be my favorite season finale, ever. I cannot wait for more . . .

The new T-Mobile spots with Bill Hader- Very funny stuff.

Five Guys- I have little if anything in common with President Obama. But when it comes to burger joints, he’s got my vote. As he plots and plods on the Syria issue, I’m sure he has enjoyed more than a few late night runs to Five Guys. I wonder if he is considering the idea of going “All the Way”? On his burger, I mean.

Stanislas Wawrinka- The kid was Rocky Balboa in tennis shorts yesterday at Flushing Meadows. He went all fifteen rounds.

Ryan Seacrest- And speaking of game, there’s Seacrest. Everyone (me) loves to poke fun at the guy, but the truth of the matter is he is the hardest working man in show business. Add to that he keeps his personal life personal and never throws down on his politics. He’s deserving of the sick money he’s making. And speaking of game shows . . he’s not the only reason to watch the new NBC offering now that they have added a heaping helping of sugar in the form of the lovely Katrina Perkins.

Alabama Running Backs- The recent crop holds much promise. If I was into Fantasy League, Trent Richardson would be a must have RB on my board. And I love, love, love the potential one two punch of Rodgers and newcomer Eddie Lacy in Green Bay. Of course, as a Miami Dolphins fan, I hope Richardson waits until next week to get his Hemi-powered legs going.

Richmond Spiders Football- They lost a heart breaker at NC State yesterday, but I’m all in on the Spiders now that my son is a Richmond U. kid.

Wedding Receptions on a Budget- Why do people insist on spending themselves into debt before they get their matrimonial feet wet? This Scottish couple had the right idea. I’m guessing they set up a registry at the dollar store. Wish I would’ve been on THAT invite list . .

Ben Affleck as Batman- Unlike fanboys, I’m not ready to damn this move to hell. I can see him as Bruce Wayne already. It’s all about what happens when he throws on the cape and mask, and we won’t know how that works out until it happens. Hey, I criticized Nolan for tabbing Heath Ledger for the Joker back in 2007, and that move was nothing short of genius. And while Nolan has nothing to do with this casting choice, let’s chill on Affleck, he’s got game.

And I’ll end things with my Sunday morning coffee crush. Lana used to be a smoking trigger for me, still is. The magic of the bad girl is some deliciously powerful stuff.


17 thoughts on “The Anti-Annoyances Post (Now 20 % More!)

  1. Rocky Balboa of tennis! That one cracked me up. And you’re right. I’ve seen the new T-Mobile commercials and his deliveries are funny 🙂 I hope to see him on more shows/movies out there 🙂

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