Cayman Thorn’s Christmas Wish

Here’s hoping that of all the days on the calendar, this one finally convinces you to sweat the details. Yes, because when you start sweating, you start swearing. And when you start swearing, you start throwing shit away. Like . . those details.

Here’s hoping . . .

The glow of a Christmas tree chases the thrill of a little kid right back into you . . .

You have a dream to tow along, whatever that dream may be. Because the great thing about dreams is that they don’t carry a price tag. All they ask for is the right amount of soul and belief- otherwise known as the only things worth having . . .

You still believe in Santa . . .

You tell someone you love them. Anyone, at any time. And if you don’t have someone to tell it to? Find someone, like, right now. Go out to any place open and thank the person for being on the job and then tell them, just like this . . ‘I love you’. Assure them you’re not carrying a firearm and you mean them no harm. But why not do it? They might need to hear it . . .

Smell pine. It’s sensational, better even . . .

Pray for snow. Enough to make it pretty, and then some more. Fuck it, what are we saving blizzards for when global warming is taking everything with it? . . .

Watch a movie that keeps on feeling like the first time, as if Lou Gramm is standing outside your window and he’s singing Feels like the First Time . . .

*If Lou Gramm is standing outside your window? Call 911. Forget the Christmas Spirit and just call 911 . . .

Love. Wholly and lots and always. Love is the only thing you’re ever gonna own that will always appreciate in value . . .

So that’s it. I warned you against expecting too much of this post. Okay, I didn’t warn you about that . . but I did warn you about the whole Lou Gramm thing. And that counts just the same. Right?

Peeps. Keep the time simple and true, as it should be kept. And I hope when you get to wherever you’re going? That you’re home.

God bless, and Merry Christmas.



30 thoughts on “Cayman Thorn’s Christmas Wish

  1. My wish for you is to have a great holiday, and be in touch with your loved ones. And even your liked ones.

    And that Lou Gramm is dressed warmly. He might be out there a while…

  2. Thanks for the wish and I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Your advice was good. We all should tell those we love, we love them. maybe more important is telling someone you don’t love you love them. Happy New year as well.

  3. Merry Christmas, Cayman! This was a lovely post to read this evening, even if I’m peeking out windows making sure Lou Gramm isn’t out there now … I hope you a have a great holiday!

  4. Hey Cayman… Thank you.

    I love you.

    (And so does everyone else who said it in their own ways. “I see friends shaking hands, saying how do you do, they’re really saying, I love you…”)

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, grateful for you. You make this world a more wonderful place.

    My movie? Pretty in Pink, of course.

    • Hey C,

      I love you too. And I happen to think that with peeps like you around, the world makes a whole lot more sense. Thanks on happening into here when you did. And since you’re one of my girls, I have a song that fits you just right.

      Like you didn’t see that one coming . . .:)

      • I like what you said to FF below:
        “Let’s just say we’re all a part of it, we’re all plugged into that soul outlet. I like that idea.”
        I like that idea too. That’s really cool. Instead of Duckie, I may have to start calling you Soul Man.

        And I like that song a lot. Thank you 🙂
        “She lives in the place in the side of our lives
        Where nothing is ever put straight”

          • I am, thank you.
            Working on a short RoS piece and a weekend post. “Passing of Time” /another new year, any song ideas?
            Lmk here or twitter if you think of any. Happy bowl week! (Dallas, ugh, so close)

            • Good to hear, mama.
              Well, the first song that came into my head when you asked me about time was . . I know . . I know . . predictable. “Time” by Pink Floyd. It’s one of my faves, and a whole lot (Okay, somewhat) more positive than my favorite song on time, by Kansas (“Dust in the Wind”).
              As for Dallas, ugh JJ. Because until he steps out of his own way, America’s team is gonna be watching every other team win something.
              You’re all that. And then some. Gotta say.

              • Love it, thanks Soul Man. And it’s perfect, my brain is still sluggish, so I would’ve missed the PF.

                Dust is perfect too … poignant.

                I’ll use them both and whatever else you happen to think of this week. xo, c

                • I loves me some Kansas, so I quit there since I’m ahead of my thoughts on time. I’m gonna love the list you’re compiling, I have a feeling.
                  Hope you’re feeling better.

  5. I read your Christmas message and then I re-read mine and now fully comprehend why you do what you do and I write about sports.
    If Fantasy Furnace is the ‘heart’ of all sports then ‘Drinks’ & Cayman are the ‘soul’ of all blogdom…
    What you had to say about love will resonate with me long after the tree comes down!
    Here’s to happiness and all good things to you and your family!

    • Fantasy Man- You’re keeping on with the theme of bringing the love, and I feel you. I don’t know about being the soul of all blogdom, but I have become well acquainted with the people who bring that soul to the blogosphere. Let’s just say we’re all a part of it, we’re all plugged into that soul outlet. I like that idea.
      Happiness and all good things to you and yours as well.

  6. I absolutely believe in Santa and all things magic at this time of year. The movie idea is a good one — I watch It’s a Wonderful Life every Christmas, and I cry at the end every damn time. Just as if I’d never seen it before.

    Merry Christmas you big lug.

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