Fun with Links! (The Northeast Ohio Edition)

TebowSay hello to “Tebow”- our house guest for the next three weeks. He’s a two month old Terrier/Pit Bull who deals big on paws and personality. His interests include eating, chew toys, car rides, late night TV watching and peeing in the house. He’s getting better on the last count- thanks to pee pads, frequent walks and these Scooby snacks. The girl and I are fostering Tebow. He’s our going away party since she leaves for New Mexico next month.

Here’s one for my little girl.

Okay, now for the links that have absolutely nothing to do with the most influential player in professional golf. (Think about it.)

Why don’t we just tell Vladimir Putin that we’re going to bring out the big guns if he doesn’t shush up? I guarantee you he falls for it.

I found the John Boehner entrance song! It’s not admissible in court, or on Capitol Hill for that matter. No sweat, JB. Just swing by Union Jack’s in Bethesda on a Sunday night and have at it.

And here’s the entrance song I picked for President Obama back in March of 2008. When writing on his advance through the primaries back then, I referred to him as “Mr. Goodbar with Al Capone’s PIN number.”  Damn, that was harsh. Is it possible to be turned on by yourself? Okay, if you’re not Brad Pitt . . .

For the record, I possess no “Holy Cows” with my politics. I’m a card carrying member of the Martini Party.

This young fella best send Lebron James a gift basket for taking the spotlight off his extra-curricular activities this summer.

George Costanza 2K showed up at Yankee Stadium recently- and proceeded to fall asleep during a Red Sox/Yanks tilt, in seats that probably set him back a good steak dinner. And now he’s suing people right and left for making fun of him? I’ll parse my words since this is “The Link Post”. Who does he think he is? And, if Andrew (Yeah, I went Baconator on him, it’s “Link Post”) decides he wants to sue me . . I should warn him that I’m going heavy on my counsel.

And last but most certainly not least . . .

I remember being here shortly after Lebron James went black hat in 2010. It was villainous to the rest of the NBA world outside of South Beach, but I was plenty fine with it, considering my very favorite nba mad man made it happen.

(Okay, no more links.)

It is rare to experience a day like this one in sports. Where the home town fans get their way and the league gets stronger and an athlete becomes transcendent while still in his prime. But it happened today, at high noon, when Lebron James let it be known that Michael Jordan’s six titles do not matter to him nearly as much as Cleveland’s one.

Thomas Wolfe was wrong today because the King is returning not as a player with little tread left on his tire but as the single most dominant force in his sport. Cleveland becomes the place to be and while I was rooting for LBJ to give Miami one more run, I can’t be upset with him for saying goodbye. He was on loan to South Beach, but he belongs to Cleveland.

He took his talents home.






29 thoughts on “Fun with Links! (The Northeast Ohio Edition)

  1. I don’t believe I’ve ever used a link on my site. Guess I never received the memo…
    A hundred and how many million for Chis Bosh? A. Wayyyy too much money and B. He will never stay healthy for majority of those five years.

    • Fantasy- I loves me the links. If land mines were funny, they would be links. Okay, never mind me. As for Bosh, it was 118 and I’m okay with it. He’s been the good soldier in Miami and he’s a very talented dude who went third wheel for the program. He had to be overpaid to stay away from a better situation in Houston. I think this move speaks more to Riley’s unwillingness to tear it all down and start from scratch. The Heat can win 45 plus next season. It ain’t championship level, but it ain’t gonna be ugly either.

      • I know you are an ardent Heat fan but I want you to think rationally for a moment. Case in point, although I get that Riley would like to keep the ‘unit’ together, with what he paid for Bosh (inconsistent & injury prone at best) he could have possibly paid for Luol Deng & Pau Gasol, for example. It’s just too much money for a 16/7 sort of player who doesn’t block shots.
        Time will tell Cay Man. I think at some point Riley will be looking to dump Bosh’s then expiring contract sometime down the road. Without LeBron in Miami the underachieving East will be up for grabs and maybe Bosh will be enough for the Heat to return to the post season. To be honest, I’ve never been a Bosh fan & I think his best years could be behind him.
        Good luck tho my man!!

        • I agree, we overpaid by miles. Personally, I’m always okay with my team taking some short term lumps and scoring a high draft pick in order to rebuild. But this move reeks of Riley’s time in the Heat front office coming to an end. I don’t think he’s in for a rebuild that would set the team up for years to come, so he’s going with what he’s got, even if he had to overpay the guy. As sacrilegious as it sounds, I wouldn’t mind if D. Wade went back home to Chicago- but that isn’t happening on account of they don’t need him and they’re not paying him anywhere close to what Miami has to offer. We’re not going to be awful with Bosh there, but very middle of the road. I’m still happy for Lebron and for Cleveland. I think he was right four years ago and I think he was right yesterday.

    • Em- He is such a great little guy. But I am afraid it is only fostering, seeing as how the kids are going to be gone for school next month and my schedule is not going to afford me nearly as much puppy time as I need to give. On a very positive note, he’s doing most all his business outside, the chewing toys are working great and he sits and gives paw for treat. He’s crazy smart and I know we’re going to be giving his future family a top notch puppy. I feel really good about that.

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