To the ground you walk on, be true

I don’t consider myself a writer so much as a guy who scribbles his thoughts into cocktail napkins and then reformulates them for sale. It sounds more mercenary than literary, I know. Which is why this blog will remain anonymous for as long as I feel like coming here and venting on something or other.

This blog ain’t nothing but a thing.

A beautiful, fantastic thing. A mess of a thing. A guided missile rant of a thing that coats my stomach on late nights and early mornings when the want is mightiest. A thing to which secrets and spells and songs gather and fester and march. To their own drum, at their own speed. Like me.

Cayman’s TV Crush #1: Gotham

My son talked me into it, and I must have done something right because this is my DVR happy place (like tonight). Donal Logue plays Det. Harvey Bullock and he is my favorite character on this young season. But seriously, everyone is spot on. Det. Jim Gordon and his main squeeze Barbara are the sexiest of sexy couples. Robin Lord Taylor is the best penguin since like, ever. Sean Pertwee is a Daniel Craigish version of Alfred (Trust me). David Mazouz makes me okay with child actors, which is no small thing; he’s terrific. And now they are just piling on the good stuff with Frank Whaley making the scene (He, of Vacancy fame. And yeah, it’s fame to me . . solid flick, to which I’ll have a few thoughts shortly.) And this isn’t even mentioning (’till now) Camren Bicondova’s amazing rendition of the toughest of tough girl roles as Selina Kyle. And if I ain’t sold you on all that? Then watch Jada Pinkett Smith’s turn as Fish Mooney, and then tell me you don’t get this genius idea of a TV show.

There was a time- a few of them, actually- when I tossed with making this blog what my last blog looked like. Brand it, shop it, go podcast and bring in writers and make money. And then I remembered how miserable I was with all the bullshit I attended to on a daily basis. Editing, networking, dealing with IT guys who spoke a different language. The only humanity to the venture was a girl I met along the way. She was mercury with a pen, tell you what. If Mary Shelley and Charles Bukowski decided to have a baby . . yeah. If you’re looking for an inspiration to this blog, she’s it. Really. Holy crap, that’s a future post! See? Even I don’t know how these posts are gonna go until they start happening . . .

Cayman’s Quick Movie Thought: If you haven’t seen Vacancy, it’s not a bad Halloween fix. I told you I would explain the Frank Whaley reference, so here it is. I loved the ’70’s-ish opening title. But it kept me plenty interested after that, and Whaley? He’s a brilliant crazy man.

This blog is this blog. I brought it back to where the thought was and that is where it stays until the end of it. No strategy outside of the thoughts spilled. That’s what I love about the place . . the fact that it serves no better purpose than to shoot into the clouds, and then scream like Butch Cassidy and then run like the Sundance Kid. Letting hell trespass only makes things more interesting, the ways I sees it.

Cayman’s Gone Girl Preview: Saw the screening. Holy Cannoli Batman! Frank Whaley ain’t in it, and neither is Jada Pinkett Smith . . and somehow, it still does some kind of crazy good stuff. And if you just figured out that this entire post is a subliminal love letter to Ben Affleck (Who is gonna be a terrific Batman in my humble opinion), then you are smoking WAY better shit than me. So, send me some. USPS will do. Don’t worry about the feds, they’re busy blaming each other for the latest White House home invasion.

There’ll come a day when I’ll skip town. Hey, the Empire State Building ain’t forever. Nothing is. But that’s what makes it so much more beautiful. Knowing that it’s a piece of well used change, rolling the pockets of denizens inside of the now. For them. For here. For you. And for me.

Cayman’s TV Crush #2: 4th and Loud

I made fun of it . . until I checked it out. Watching Gene Simmons bitch about product . . I can tune into that shit all day. Football is just a bonus.

As for as Drinks Well, its end is a while off. There’s no rush.

Because there are no stats to belabor. No bells to answers, no eggs to fry. No means, no averages, no flowcharts or invoices or deadlines to sweat about. Drinks Well is just a here thing. A love thing. A peace and love and soul thing.

And the best part of the deal is? I met you.

PS- The Royals and the Pirates have to make it a World Series. Please?


48 thoughts on “To the ground you walk on, be true

  1. Since the Royals’ game went into the wee hours, I feel a bit punch drunk after 3 (maybe) hours of sleep. Please forgive me if this comment sounds like I’m drinking vodka for breakfast.

    Reading your thoughts brought me back to the very first story I read of yours…the piece you wrote for Words in their End of Days collection. Like this post, it stirred a certain something inside that only a great writer can do. I’m glad that you come here to talk, write, share. I love your laid back approach to writing here and it’s a good reminder for my own writing. Even though I can appreciate what you said about the hassle of something more public, I can’t help but think that people are missing out. Privacy busting question: Do you write for a living outside this blog? If not, you should. I’d buy it.

    Okay. Enough rambling for now…the vodka needs to be replaced with something caffeinated.
    And, as if your rum buttery smooth writing wasn’t enough, you tipped me right over that ledge and made me pledge my undying love with your very last sentence.
    You rock, C-man!

    • Hey Mama,

      I don’t write for a living. I freelance, and I’m happy with that. I’m trying to talk my boy into writing for a living. He’s really good. I do have this story I wrote back in the day, never finished it. I just picked up on it, again. I get what you’re saying, but to me? There is something about this blog that speaks to my personality. I do for the doing when I set out on anything. That’s another post for another day, maybe.
      Vodka for breakfast? Never did that. Mimosas, sure.
      And those Royals . . down four to Lester and somehow they find a way. That’s the kind of wow the sports world needs right about now.

  2. Pirates will take care of the Giants but not manage to pass the Nationsls ( sorry Cayman). However I do see the Royals going all the way to the ALCS but losing to the best offensive team in the American League, the Orioles.

    Not what you wanted to hear but we have managed to be wrong on occasion so there’s always hope… Keep the faith mah man! And long live “Drinks”!!’!

    • I do have plans to catch a World Series game down in Baltimore if the O’s make it. The Pirates are at the other end of the state, which is a shame. That stadium of theirs is one of the best in baseball. As for rooting interests, I’m Yankees and Giants. I forgave the Giants for moving to the West Coast, since I wasn’t born when they did it.

  3. Mama–he must write for a living outside of this blog. If not, the world is missing his seemingly effortless, sagacious writing. You’ve always been my hero.
    ps. Gotham is my new favorite.

    • People ain’t missing. But I loves me that word, sagacious. I used it once to woo a girl. She ended up going back to her boyfriend. Last I heard, Vera got married . . .
      And Gotham is a great way to spend an hour, tell you what.

  4. I get it. This has been a place of refuge for me as well. Keep it up and please, please, please give me a twelve month notice if Drinks Well is going to expire. I will need to line up a support system that does not include self-medication. Well done Pilgrim.

    • It would have been great. Truthfully, I’m hoping for a Dodgers Giants NLCS tilt. And thank you for the beer…video. That song has a lot going on, lol. The Bengals are not going to be believed until they win a playoff game or two, which I hope they can do this season. Marvin Lewis is suffering from the increased expectations that come with success.

      Good to see you in the party spirit, rock on!

  5. I’m a big multi-tasker when I watch tv–email, reading, etc–but I didn’t even glance in my phone’s direction during Gotham. It’s fabulous. I’m hooked.

    Just as I am to your writing.

    Glad you’re hanging around!

    Ps- find it hard to believe you nor Michelle has never had a Bloody Mary for breakfast.

    • I am all about the multi-task, without which I would just move to Montana and shack up outside of Phil Jackson’s sweet crib (which, come to think of it, ain’t a bad idea all by itself!). And I loves me my Gotham. Sexy and sultry and moody and dark. I’m with you on loving up the writing of peeps, as I love how you make words sing just the same as you love how I do it. So there’s that.
      Hey, I’m hanging around until God kicks me out. And I really, really hope Charlie Sheen is God . . cause that fucker is gonna live forever. Really, he is.

      PS- Oh my God. I lived on Bloody Marys when I was married. So yeah . . . but straight up, no. I never drank vodka straight up in the AM.

      PS2- Are you guys doing something for “Walking Dead” season 5? (Is it 5? Oh my God, I am pathetic.)

  6. Frank Whaley has been in some good awful movies, but he’s always been great.
    Gotham didn’t really do it for me. Maybe I’ll check it out when I can watch the first season in one shot.

    Keep on keepin on. Your site is what the sphere should be.

  7. Okay, I wasn’t going to do Gotham because of the whole dark thing and I am feeling fragile of late, but good God, I do love Donal Logue, have loved him for a long time.

    And, man, is it me, or is there some weird alignment of planets dictating a major regrouping of thoughts in the blogosphere? Speaking for myself, I wonder what I’m doing here, and whether I have anything to say that matters. But that’s a small thing when I consider how much I’ve enjoyed finding your fictional self and others (not fictional), so there’s that. You have to promise that before you do leave Drinks, you’ll email me your real name. I don’t fucking want to go to my grave not knowing.

    And about our kids who are better than us — way to fucking go. It should be such. Your kids must be amazing.

    • Let me start with . . the name is Marc Anthony. It’s an anagram . . okay, puzzle up Cayman Thorn and you get . . yeah. There’s that. I give you this because no one else is gonna pay attention to it but you. You needed it, there it is.

      I know fragile, I get that. I am so with you on this, and yet, it’s like a magnet for me, the dark. Gotham hits me in the sweet, sexy, painful place. I ride it because I love how it hollers back answers I was asking before the next scene answered them.

      One last thing. Your writing is a spell of inspiration for me. Always.

  8. Dude I can’t even….I can’t even tell you what an amazing writer you are and the way you mesh words together on the page definitely makes me feel like I need to raise it up a notch. So I am extremely grateful the the end of Drinks Well is no where near 🙂 loved your take on Gone Girl a couple of other peeps are talking about how awesome it is…definitely need to plan an escape from parenthood to catch that flick. And you know what… The best part of this deal was that I did meet you. You’re awesome. You always make me smile and laugh and that’s always high up on my priorities. This place is definitely a soul thing. Have a good one.

      • It is now on my things to do this weekend list(which is a big list, I may have to cross everything else off it and just concentrate on the important things like TWD and catching up on Gotham)

        • I watched “The Mysteries of Laura” last night because I know someone whose husband is the carpenter for the sets. Never in a million years would I have watched this show, even with the great Debra Messing as its star. It was meh, but she is . . well, she is just all that. I don’t think it will be a weekly thing. I’ll just kinda read the story lines and then decide whether or not to catch it that week, for however long it lasts.

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