When you’ve had enough of life, you’re there

Life is the happening of a place we’re never quite gonna get around to understanding. As much as we want to get it, it ain’t happening.

Think about it . . .

You start by getting slapped in the ass by a dude in a butcher coat, just to make sure you’re awake. After which you wail away as if Nazi’s have invaded the maternity ward, while strangers surround you and laugh at the squeals you’re asking them to take seriously. And then life really starts fucking with you.

Every single one of our life stories is a snowflake- possessing a completely unique definition of the known whilst using it as currency for all the unknown. Our soulful fingerprints are cultivated from the channels of crimes and misdemeanors, rises and falls, inventions and re-inventions, lonesome walks and bad company nights.

Life is always busy figuring you out, but it’s never gonna be cool when it comes to returning the favor. It gifts you its best and it punishes you with its worst, after which it’s left to you to figure out the math on those diametrically opposed places, and to somehow forge a confluence that doesn’t read of the Manson family tree.

I once wrote somewhere that life is like a speeding train and we, the clueless passengers; busy staring out at a still life picture. We don’t realize just how fast we’re moving until we exit the train and look around, shaking our heads in wonder at the deception.

Life gives you enough, and it lets you know that is all you’re ever gonna get. Enough. As a kid, we’re too busy believing that days last forever and as adolescents we’re too busy proving it. As young adults, we play with money and sex and new found titles until it bores us into being more responsible. By middle age, we come to understand mortality on a level that feels way too personal. And from what I hear of folks who make it to their golden years? They’ve learned that while the days might be short, the ability to curse at kids without repercussion? Is fucking awesome.

To which, there’s a final chapter. And if you’re really lucky, you find peace there. I remember listening to John Kennedy Jr talk about his mother after she passed. The kid framed portraits when he spoke. Never more so than on the day mama died. His recounting of her final moments was of a circle, filled with close friends, family and her books. I’ll never forget that. She turned enough into everything.

It’s all you could ask for.




14 thoughts on “When you’ve had enough of life, you’re there

  1. Sadly, for too many people, enough is barely enough, and for some, it isn’t even enough.
    Mostly, when I get old, I’m looking forward to not worrying about any of it.

  2. Duuuuuuuuuuuude I can’t even tell you how awesome this post is …. usually I have a line that just jumps out at me. But dude every paraagraph was so well written. Snowflake and train analogies. Damn awesome. Dude when is your book coming out, because other than your kids, I’ll be the first in line. I love your take on life lessons combined with humor. Love this post! You just gave me a Super Soul Sunday moment and I thank you for it. And with the exception of Elaine Benes’s John-John you too paint portraits with your words. Murals damn it!

  3. The reason we don’t get more is because we have enough. That life thing really gets me though. Every once in a while I think I’m on the edge of seeing it for what it is and then it goes stealth. It hurts my head to think about it.

    • We do indeed have enough, and it’s up to us when it comes to more. To me, the secret to life is feeling good about the place you’re in. And being thankful for the day you’re given. Thanks Colorado!

  4. First, I love that you used the word, whilst. I just love the sound of that word.

    I remember reading about that particular gathering to usher Jackie from this life to whatever comes next, and I thought — Yes, that’s how I want to go. (She was always classy, wasn’t she?)

    I love the idea that enough is everything. Because, it really is, and if we manage to grasp that one beautiful concept before we leave, wow. Brilliant, Cayman.

    • I’ve been in love with the word- whilst- from the first time I used it in context. And yes, I think about those words John Jr spoke whenever I think deeply on the great beyond. Jackie was way more than Camelot. She was a mother to a couple of amazing kids. Enough is what we’re busy making every day. Be well, young lady.

  5. I think a lot of people have more than enough, and the wrong people have it because they are screwing it up. The more that the rest of us need or want can’t be put into a box or sold in a store, and that’s probably why we don’t have it.

  6. What a great thought. Thanks KJ!

    And just so’s you know, I’ll be rooting for New England in a couple weeks. I’d like to see Brady win another one. I spent forever and a day rooting AGAINST him, but now that he’s on the back nine of his career, I know I’m going to miss him when he hangs ’em up.

  7. Boom! And Boom!

    Holy crap if you didn’t shake things up! Enough. It IS the “There, said it” of all things.

    Here’s why I love writers.

    And yes, Russell is most definitely a tad puritanical. One look at his resume told me the kid was too good for his own professional britches. He transferred for Tobacco Road (NC State) to Cheese Country (Wisconsin). Who does that? Shit, I wouldn’t have traded smokes for cheddar, just saying. I love the kid. He’s good people. As for his balls? I really didn’t need that visual. But thanks anyways!

    PS- You must comment on every post. I love how much fun you bring.

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