Sunday Morning Coffee Love

To charity softball games that leave you aching and bitching and most of all, laughing your ass off all the way back home . .

To the lessons you carry with you, the ones that warm you when life gets colder . .

To Tim Tam slams. If you ain’t done it, you gotta . .

To fraps with the most beautiful girl in the world. She will always be that little girl I used to sing to sleep with Stevie Wonder songs . .

To another deep run by the Chicago Blackhawks, the best show on ice . .

To going to see Pitch Perfect not once, but twice. And for not being the least bit ashamed of it . .

To a Father’s Day hike that went away for a while but is coming back for good . .

To Ash. For telling it like it is, every single time. There are friends who tell you what you want to hear, and then there’s Ash. She is my consigliere- a trusted voice who offers wise counsel and a strong presence when the day is giving me nothing . .

To summer. What took you so long? . .


21 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee Love

  1. Loving the Sunday Morning Love …To Sunday Morning escape with friends who recharge my battery and get me, because breakups sometimes break you.

  2. How have I never seen this particular video before? It’s hilarious and brilliant!

    Tim Tam slams??? Oh. Ok. Googled it. How have I never heard of Tim Tams before? I love chocolate. I’d happily slam (slurp) coffee through all that chocolaty goodness. I have been dunking the Hob Nobs I brought back from England in milk. Does that count? The main thing, as in the Tim Tam slam, is to judge the finish at the exact moment the cookie is about to crumble from your grasp.

    I’m with you on most all of your points. Happy your girl is back home for a while. Love, love, love Pitch Perfect.

    Summer ain’t quite made it to Rhode Island yet. I’ll be happy when it gets here.

    To blogging buddies who make a day all the brighter with their wily words.

    • I only learned of Tim Tams recently from an Australian bartender. It’s good stuff.

      What are these hob nobs you speak of? And yes, milk is the perfect dunk mate. I can’t have cookies without milk. Well, I can, but there’s something missing.

      The Pitch Perfect movies crack me up. I’m glad I decided to man up and try ’em out.

      To a Wilderness of Words, that always feels like home.

  3. To end-of-the-year elementary school concerts where all the pieces are out of tune and not in synch, but the tears in your eyes are from the realization that your kids are growing up too fast.

    • KJ- It seems like just yesterday I was there myself . . it literally does seem like just yesterday. It doesn’t seem possible that the years have moved so quickly. But you’re an amazing mother, so take some comfort in knowing that when you get to my age and you look back on this time, the melancholy will be replaced with all those great memories you guys have made, all the lessons you learned, all the times you shared. And know that while it will never be the same again, it will be great just the same. I have as much fun with my kids now as I did back then, and that’s always the way it’s going to be. Peace and love to you mama.

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