Just Another Day: Signs, Memories, and Bob Marleys — Vol. 44

Christy from Words for the Weekend wrote up a”How To” Guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse when you’re searching for the love of your life, and lemme tell you…her writing is dynamite squared. Her character- Samantha- is making the lonesome journey in the hopes of finding her man Dave. You can read about his walk next weekend.


24 thoughts on “Just Another Day: Signs, Memories, and Bob Marleys — Vol. 44

    • Mary, I am still high after reading that piece she wrote yesterday. We were doing our back and forth email exchange last week…I sent her my rough draft and she sent me hers and we tossed around ideas in between. And still, I was floored when I read what she came up with. Now I have to bring Dave along, and this is sorta like being the pitcher who takes the mound after his teammate threw a perfect game. It’s incredibly challenging, and I love it.

      Thanks Wild.

      • I’m really excited to see where our roads take us. You were right when you said we write like our characters…
        We are like peas and carrots … Very different on the surface, but when mixed together aren’t awful. Haha, I was going for a Forrest and Jenny thing. Maybe we’re more like cinnamon and vanilla? With a hint of patchouli?

        • C,

          I’m interested in seeing which way I want to take this myself. I have about five hundred pages of notes. Okay, I exaggerate….four hundred and fifty pages of notes. Seriously, you did all the heavy lifting in your piece. I can just provide inlay, whilst deciding how Dave handles a dark event. That WD episode actually had an effect on how I look at his response.

          Cinnamon, vanilla, a hint of patchouli and you can’t forget the old spice, lol.

  1. 7-0! … but like I tell people, in the history of sports, no team has gone from 7-0 to 9-0 without winning game 8. … and Thursday’s game with the Browns is a trap game.

  2. Holy Hell! I just got interrupted middway through (inlaws pulling into the drive as we speak). But, I couldn’t wait to read it all to comment.
    Holy FUCK…this is amazing. You have no idea….
    I’ll be back after my obligatory Sunday dinner. xo

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