Mad World (American Pie, Part One)


10 thoughts on “Mad World (American Pie, Part One)

    • Holy cow that song is phenomenal. It makes me want to tango like Jamie Lee in that old Arnold movie, haha.

      “Yes this is an impossible love
      The flame in lust is an exhaustible love
      And flames combust
      We flames would be hand in glove
      And why should two loves not agree, no”

      The French gets a little depressing (I think? It’s been since high school), but wow what a haunting song. Love her smoky voice.

      • It’s something, isn’t it? Oh man, do I love a smoky voice that takes me. It’s not for everyone, but I really dig it. Haunting is the theme for this Mad World of a Saturday. Fo sho.

    • PS- was playing around with The Lovely Fire and set up a vase of sunflowers as our “blog photo” — I saw it pop up over on your comments sidebar. You like? Feel free to fiddle with the theme or pictures or whatever…

      • Ah ha … Two it is (and at least I didn’t guess three or four) 😉 … The SF win was big, but winning in Denver on Monday will be a challenge … which then takes it down to beating the Ravens here. Merry Christmas!

        • The AFC is really a toss up. In the NFC, I think it comes down to Carolina, Seattle and Arizona. Green Bay is too injury depleted and it shows in their play. I actually love the way Seattle is playing right now, and I hate to admit this (to you) but I also think the Steelers are very dangerous. A Super Bowl rematch? Hmmmm.

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