Drinks Goes Legitimate . . no, seriously . .

Change happens.

In fashion, trends fluctuate between old school classicism and disparate absurdity with the blunt rationale of a Joaquin Phoenix presser. Technology is even more volatile, considering the next gen device you got for Christmas? Yeah, it’s going clearance this weekend at Target. And no discussion on change would be complete without mentioning Heidi Montag, whose face has undergone more reconstruction than the Old South.

Mark Twain loved the idea of change, not because it was especially interesting but rather, because it possessed the kind of precocious disposition that abetted his satirical wit. John Lennon didn’t much care for change for the very same reasons. It wasn’t interesting enough, and it was too damned unpredictable.

Of course, I agree with both of them. If not for change in all its infinite forms, literature would read like an owners manual. That said, I’m not enamored with change just because it shows up on a daily basis and happens to be an attention whore. I’m freakishly devoted to that which provokes and seduces me, and I do not give a damn as to whether it came from yesterday or tomorrow.

Which explains this place, and why I stubbornly kept to the original architecture and content for as long as I did. Because it just so happens that this place has followed me from a forgettable time in my life to right here, and in all that time it has never, ever failed me. This fact has absolutely nothing to do with me, but with every single curious traveler who ever came along and granted me an audience in the comment section.

You kept this place kicking.

A blog that specialized in absolutely nothing did get one thing right in the years from there to here. The company it kept.

Sooooo, this here is the change I was talking about. Drinks is going to be changing up its look, starting with this header and the new theme. The content will be changing as well, with interviews, round table discussions, debate posts and more. And here’s the best part of all this brand new . . . I brought friends.

These gals amaze the hell out of me with their wicked talents.

Mama Mick is where curls go to learn more about curls. But she is so much more than a pretty face, and if you’re not already familiar with her work, you should be. She’s the genuine article, the real deal, and when she lets loose with the words, you will crush hard.

Mary does to words what great artists do to canvas. She transforms the void into something rich and bold and everlasting. Her posts are stand-alone gems, portraits of the people, places and times she has come from. I am in deep love with the way she writes a story.

Christy is my editor in chief, on basically all things writing. The respect and admiration I have for this woman would not fit in a single post, or a thousand of them for that matter. If her divine inspiration was solely about the crazy beautiful stories she crafts, I wouldn’t have thought to start Drinks over, but it’s not just about the words. It’s about the example she sets, because she is one of the most resilient people I’ve ever known. She calls me “Soul Man” and she would know all about soul, because her well is overflowing with the stuff. I realize just how lucky I am to be writing with her, and how blessed I am to call her a friend.

The Ladies of Drinks have become my yesterday and my tomorrow as far as this blog is concerned. They’re gonna help turn this bachelor pad into something special.

Fo sho.




43 thoughts on “Drinks Goes Legitimate . . no, seriously . .

  1. “I’m freakishly devoted to that which provokes and seduces me” … You have summed up why I stalked your words like a fangirl and somehow lucked out to get to know you, which just set the hooks deeper.

    This devotion, this “resilience”, is more frequently labeled as “stubbornness” by others in my life. Which also explains why I like you so much. You talk pretty.

    You make it sound like it ain’t no thang, handing over the keys to your castle, it’s all good, it’s coo, fo sho…but it’s a huge deal. It’s a bigass thang. I get that. Even if you don’t. 🙂

    We are no longer the Knights that say “Soul Man.” We are the Knights that say, “Boo-bae-boo-bae-boo-bae-peas.”

    Though that’s much easier (and funner!) to say than to type, so on second thought.

    Love the theme choice. Love it a lot.

    • Oh, I have been called stubborn a time or two (always). It’s all good, I know I am.

      It’s a big thing because it’s a GOOD thing. I knew who I would ask and I knew why I would ask them. The first time I ‘partnered up’ with anyone on a blog, it was amazing but also incredibly fucking depressing. The amazing part was the work created, but the depressing part was that I never trusted him, not really. There was always a thought in the back of my head that, yanno, this guy is full of shit.

      I love the work you guys do so very much. It incites, provokes and seduces me into thoughts that turn into ideas that turn into notes that turn into stories. And isn’t that what great writing is supposed to do? You guys are just so talented it’s ridiculous. And so it came down to one simple question. Would I trust these peeps? And the answer was absolutely. Completely. Unequivocally. Yes.

      I am honored and blessed, and thankful.

      But I’m not Boo-bae-boo-bae-boo-bae-pea.

  2. Duuuuuuuude I love that you’re coming back, and don’t mind your reinvention because your soul is still the same and it rocks, just like your craft. I don’t know these ladies, never heard of them, but I have seen Christy on your comment section. If they’re tugging on your inspiration line and bringing out the best in you and you’re enjoying the ride then I’m totally coming along. Buen Camino my friend!

    • I was really tossing with saying goodbye to Drinks, but it was writers such as yourself who convinced me there was no way I could. Drinks was just a place where I could rant on this and ponder on that, but it was the curious travelers such as yourself who made it so much more to me. You’re always an inspiration, mija.

  3. Looks like you are in good hands, Pilgrim. I took a walk yonder to check these three out. Yeah, I followed them like a love sick dog so’s I won’t miss out on anything. Let er rip I’m ready.

  4. Sounds like a plan … but I have a suggestion for a subtitle – Cayman and His Concubine. Looking forward to the new format, but I’m sure your essence will remain. Cheers to Carrot’s leading role.

  5. Cayman, you had me scared for a minute there. The word ‘change’ usually strikes terror in the heart of this Bah-stan gal, but I’m okay now.

    Sounds like a very cool ride that you’ll be on. Looking forward to seeing the new digs.

    Happy 2016!

    • Bah-stan, you rock the casbah. I’m with you on change, so I guess New York and Boston DO have something in common after all.

      It will be a very cool ride. Wouldn’t be the same without you.

  6. *Walks in the door, looks around, and slip off my shoes.
    I like what you’ve done with the place, Cayman!

    Remember the pinch you mentioned earlier in another post? That’s me right now. Pinching myself and counting my blessings.You inspire me in more ways than you’ll ever know and, as Christy said, I’m a sucker for a man who talks pretty and spins a mean story.

    Seriously, I can’t wait to see what fun you have in store for Drinks. Good times to be had by all. Except maybe your Bengal buddy…that probably still hurts today.

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