Eres mi Sol: A Rosewood Box of Letters–Part 2

On this cold winter night, how’s about warming up at The Lovely Fire? Rosa’s letter will send you to the warmest places. Promise.

The Lovely Fire

FullSizeRender (5)Mi Sol

Click here for Rosa’s Introduction.


Rosa poised her pen on the linen-like parchment. She never skimped on the quality of her stationary–not in her restaurant nor on her desk. She crinkled her brows as she fashioned the words in her head. The images messy as she attempted to make sense out of the last few days.

After reciting another Hail Mary, she began to write.


Mi Sol,

In my mind’s eye, you live somewhere between the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. Perhaps where the two bodies meet and near the surf where whales play in the warm and cold waters. A world where your sun envelops my moon, and the sand is warm and welcoming between my toes.

When you aren’t at the beach, I see you in our grove of trees. You and I on our backs building a future with our wordless…

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