Sunday Morning Coffee Love

To figuring out the math with odds that go even. To slow dancing on the lull of a voice that soothes like honey. To plans, and places and the one true thing that brings it all together. To games and thrones and diving in to the beginning, with her delicious promise of “you just wait” inspiring the strokes. To believing. Again. For the first time.

To never saying never. Ever.

To knowing.





14 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee Love

  1. Just read your Irish post (and tried to comment without success — my fault, I’m certain), so I know you’ve been rescued by love, and I couldn’t be happier for you. Enjoy your coffee love.

  2. SQUEEEE!!! I know what this is all about.
    “Just you wait”….as if wasn’t impatient enough as it is.
    You make my heart happy, Cayman. So glad you found someone who makes yours happy, too. xo

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