Cubs and Conservatives

I’m taking out the comments section for a tad, because I got all zen on process inside my intermission. I could write an entire fucking post on process vs outcome, but that would be some boring shit to be handing out and I’m not one of those blogs that takes itself seriously despite the fact it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Yes, I’m talking to you Jake Tapper Uncensored. Anyways, it’s for a tad but if things change, I will attach an email link for thoughts and comments that I might even respond to. In posts, so keep it civil. 

Hey, outside of the Cubs winning their first World Series title in 108 years and Donald Trump being elected President, not much has transpired since my last post on here. I’d like to believe it’s the Mandela Effect ladling its magic gravy all over my oven roasted psyche. As if there’ll be a day in the not too distant future when I’ll be rooming with like minded individuals who insist all this crazy shit really happened. And for all our righteous indignation, we’ll get friendly pills every hour on the hour, padded furniture and Creed on a loop.

Yanno what? Fuck the Cubs. I mean, here’s an organization that did bupkis for over a century . . and made billions doing it! The last time the Cubs won it all before this season, flight was considered a fad, the Titanic was a rumor and Babe Ruth wasn’t even Babe Ruth, yet. And in the time from there to here, the Yankees won a quarter of the century in championship hardware and were damned in all corners not called the Bronx for having the audacity to try. While the Cubs owners sat in their offices and came up with the genius idea of marketing their lovable losers . . . by coining them the lovable losers. They hired managers who couldn’t fill out a police lineup and their front office personnel would’ve been hard pressed to assemble the talent for a tractor pull by presiding over more piss poor drafts than the French Army. For 108 fucking years! I mean, teams have won the World Series by accident inside that time . . . (See the 2003 Marlins).

The Cubs weren’t cursed by billy goats or Bartman. Their trophy case is relevant again because the bosses hired smart baseball people like Epstein and Maddon and they let them do their thing. I’m happy for those dudes because I think they’re the best at what they do . . especially Theo, who should be baseball commissioner someday.

I rooted for Cleveland because those peeps don’t get a curse to fall back on. Their fans simply have to own all the shitty baseball that has prevailed for too many seasons. And they don’t even get Bill Murray. But hooray for the Cubs and let’s get on with the championship hangover and I’m taking the field next year. Just because.

As for President Trump, well, if you saw him coming this time last year, you’re full of shit. Remember how Democrats were busy needling their Republican counterparts when Trump bulldozed the dozens of GOP candidates and swept his way to the nomination last spring? It was all fun and games until Trump beat the incumbent, which is how Hilary ran her campaign. I know there was a lot of red painting the country on election night, but even so . . this wasn’t about Trump winning so much as it was about Hilary not closing the deal.

Hil has never been a closer. She’s solid in the setup, but she has a long history of blowing sure things. Outside of a Senate race she won in New York when Rudy Giulani bowed out due to health concerns, she has never sealed the deal in a big race. She had Obama on the ropes in 2008 and she let him up off the canvas. She let Bernie hang in the primary race because she didn’t want to alienate his rabid base. And then she let an eleven point lead over Trump dwindle away in the final weeks because she was busy fitting her crown rather than scoring frequent flyer miles in key states.

Her critics call it arrogance and yes I’ll buy that, partly. I think Hil wanted to be the all things to all people candidate and in so doing, she became the lesser of two evils candidate instead. She struggled to compete with the reputation her husband achieved for his ability to turn his lame duck one term presidency into a two term lock- despite the affairs and Newt Gingrich and a then failed healthcare gambit. Bill was an alchemist who deftly navigated the obstacles in front of him- external and self made. And he never once underestimated a political opponent. He was polarizing but his charm and his moxie extricated him from the abyss. The fact that Hilary wasn’t her husband didn’t have to be her political epitaph until she made it so.

I don’t know where or when she arrived at her Waterloo, but I do know why. And so does she.And so now we have a President who tweets. But for all the bluster and bad behavior, I’ll give him this. He gamed the system, he gambled big. And he won. Now Pence becomes the most powerful Vice President, ever. And now the cabinet takes on the appearance of the John Birch Society.

And now Trump cannot be cancelled due to low ratings.


3 thoughts on “Cubs and Conservatives

  1. Absolutely agree with you about the Cubs.

    As for Trump and Hillary. I blame her and the Democratic Party machinery for the outcome. She is extremely disliked it vast corners of the country. And they, in their left-leaning bubble, simply don’t understand that. Trump is a disaster, but there are tens of millions of people willing to vote for him because he isn’t her. While I may not have been convinced Trump was going to win it all a year ago, with her as the opponent, it certainly seemed possible. I firmly believe that any other Dem would have won.

  2. Good post, Pilgrim. I’m glad you did such an erudite analysis and didn’t jump to the easy “we are all gonna die” side of the equation. We now have a president-elect let’s just go with that and see what happens. As to the Cubs, meh.

  3. And here I thought I took the comments tab out completely . . . and I go to the main page to figure out what I want to do with the header and bada boom! Comments. And two spot on comments that actually had to do with the subject matter. Clear, concise and relevant . . as per usual.

    The comments tab is gonna be back soon (if not already). Thank you gentlemen.

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