I have this game I play at work with my boss where we make up a word of the day. I tend to win this game more times than not because I watched Sesame Street while drinking mom’s gin stash in the closet. Man, I really miss being five years old.

Anyway, the word of the day has run the gamut, as you might imagine. From teamworkocity to consumerology, salesaminophen and donutilism on our lighter days to starbuckismspitificity, stupidiverous, Tylenolea and dopeatria on our less optimistic days to fuckonomics, doucheism, cuntarama and blowmegonomy when we ain’t feeling so kind.

So most days are challenging, so what? This makes for a more expansive (or at least more reality based) vocabulary. And so maybe our vocabulary is completely full of shit and Merriam Webster ain’t taking our phone calls. We’re going to keep on keeping on. Which is what our most recent word of the day was all about. Keeping on.

Resilienticity- The quality one exhibits when faced with really shitty odds. The kind of odds that would cost you a thousand bucks for a measly dollar’s return. It wouldn’t matter, because you’d go for it. You will keep on. 

Keep the faith, all you peeps who wonder what the next year is going to look like. Because the worst that could happen is the end of life as we know it.

And that shit happens every day.