It’s not whether you win or lose, so long as you win

So this whole thing with the Cubs got me thinking that maybe I was a tad harsh in my appraisal of their first world championship in 108 years. And then I realized, nope . . . Fuck the Cubs was the proper sentiment. It’s exactly how I feel about a franchise that got over on its fans with more than a century of turnstile gouging on a mostly piss poor product. Any other business? The Cubs would’ve been out of business.

I’m happy for the fans, even if they happen to be the biggest suckers this side of Kanye’s next accountant. There was no sour grapes soap boxing happening here because I wasn’t making excuses for why the Indians lost. I realize it wasn’t Rob Manfred’s master plan to toggle the MLB postseason to his liking in some diabolical attempt to make the MLB more interesting to the casual fan. I understand the Indians weren’t cursed by Charlie Sheen. I don’t blame the winds of Lake Erie or Lebron’s insurmountable shadow. I don’t believe Dick Clark, Drew Carey or the Cleveland Browns had anything to do with the results. And the most refreshing part? Indians fans took the loss, like adults. The Cubs won because . . gasp! . . they were the better team! They showed balls when faced with a 3-1 deficit and they didn’t cower at the prospect of the final two games being played in enemy territory. They deserved to win.

This mindset seems to have become more endangered than the Bengal Tiger or the GMC Gremlin. Nobody loses any more. In today’s world, one side wins and the other side cries about it. And then things really get ugly.

Refusal to accept defeat has taken on an entirely new life form inside the new age of entitlement. In the sports world, the Lakers didn’t win, according to non-Lakers fans. Nope. The league office had them covered because LA winning was better business than say, Utah. The Yankees didn’t win legitimately, they bought their titles. The Red Wings? Well yeah, they won fair and square because hockey fans don’t cry. The Patriots come closest to a conspiratorial argument seeing as how they’ve pulled some shady shit over the years but come on man, they still own four Super Bowl titles! I mean, unless Bill Belichick was holding the opposing head coach’s family hostage in return for a victory . . . you ain’t got a case.

It’s not just the sporting world that suffers from this affliction in which the vanquished refuses to recognize the victors. Musical artists do it all the time, and if you happen to be a rapper who scores big at the Grammys? Don’t leave the house, like ever. In the movie business, small studios bitch and moan about how the big money production companies gain favor in the most whorish of ways. And they’re pretty right on about it, but seriously . . if your cinematic masterpiece is only being shown in six theaters across the country, it’s tough to cry about the lack of a popular vote.

Which brings me to the popular vote. Or is it the electoral college? Well, that depends on the party. The GOP loves the electoral college right now while the democrats insist the popular vote should be the true decider of a Presidential contest. Of course, they say this because they lost. Flip the script and let’s say the GOP would’ve won the popular vote but lost the election. Yep, same difference.

Nobody loses any more, even when they actually lose. It’s become a matter of course that you have a winner and you have a plaintiff. One side celebrates while the other side contemplates revolution. Which is what the democrats are doing right about now with all this recount nonsense. Never mind that it’s too late and never mind it won’t change a thing. And never mind it’s a member of the Green Party who is actually leading this charge. The irony is that if Jill Stein had proven to be this high profile in the months leading up to the election, Trump might have won the popular vote too, because she probably would’ve grabbed more Clinton votes.

That Queen song feels like it happened a million years ago.