To the Merry of Christmas

I love this time of year. No, not the part with lists and work and more work and then the inevitable additions, subtractions and substitutions to those lists that always seem to happen when you’re standing in a half mile long line and cursing yourself for not just buying all your shit online.

No, not that part.

The time of year I’m talking about involves the peaceful harmony that sneaks its way into someone’s voice when you’re talking to them . . . it’s the sweet snap of North Pole air that makes the walk to some place warm and true worth every frostbitten step . . it’s the nursery rhyme smile that snuggles into a kid’s face as they try on their best behavior faces for a spell and it’s the knowing smirk that accompanies every parent’s keen understanding of these golden moments. It’s the time of year when all that has passed becomes worth all that is yet to come. And it’s where hope is solvent and faith is visible and miracles are something worth believing in, if only for a moment’s time.

It’s that time of year.

Now, I’m not one of those peeps who is down with the conversation that bemoans the lack of “Christmas” in our merry greetings. Because I can tell you there is plenty of that new old fashioned way still going on out there. Everywhere out there. In fact, I’ve found that people go out of their way to say it. And it’s a beautiful thing when you consider that the only two words you ever get to share with a complete stranger are full of all the very best things of a season so sacred and meaningful. Those two simple words can scale every kind of difference you can put in front of them- from race and language, political affiliation and even religion. Batman and Superman, the Yanks and Sox . . .even Kim and Kanye can borrow these two simple words of a time and place that say so much and mean even more than that.

Merry Christmas