Word of the day, week . . both

This one came to me while I was chatting up the Dolphins game with my son, as if delivered straight from the spirit of Don Shula. Which is particularly creepy considering the Miami legend is still alive and kicking.

Houdinistic- 1-The ability to escape a well earned reputation of choking on their own vomit in December football games by following the same old tired ass script until the very last play of the game. 

Of course, I’m not under any illusions here. I understand full well that Miami’s chances of going to the Super Bowl are about the same as those of the USC Trojans . . . who don’t even play in the NFL.

But so what? It’s still 10-1 after a hot garbage beginning. It’s still beating Buffalo . . in Buffalo . . in December, and as an added bonus, putting an end to the Ryan Bros. And you’re very welcome Buffalo. It’s still the first playoff appearance for the Dolphins since George W was cleaning out his garage at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

In the time since Miami last made it to January, Lebron left Cleveland for South Beach and won a couple titles before returning home to deliver up the town’s first championship in fifty two years. The Saints won a Super Bowl and the Cardinals actually got to one. The San Francisco Giants and Chicago Blackhawks both won three titles after going more than a half century with nada. And oh yeah . . . the Cubs!

As a Dolphins fan, I understand full well that hard luck is running late but will arrive soon enough; probably as soon as they arrive in a cold weather city and go down harder than Harley Quinn. And this is to say nothing of their impending loss this weekend in New England. The Dolphins just aren’t strong enough in their line play, and that kills come January. But again, so what? All I know is we might finally have a running back with chops, a quarterback (more of a stretch) with upside and a head coach who isn’t auditioning for the broadcast booth. And maybe, just maybe . . there’s gonna be more of the same in the not too distant future.

But I’m not getting my hopes up.