Word of the Week (In Technicolor!)

I’m not a big fan of The Bachelor, and by that I mean I have never watched the show. Not because I’m above watching really stupid shit on TV. It’s just that, I can’t stand pretentious people . . or stupid people . . or stupid people who actually think they’re smart and get really annoyed at you for their stupidity . . or fake people . . or . . . well, you get the point. There is nothing about this show that interests me, and a whole lot about this show that I find positively annoying. For the record, I would never wish for any of the participants on this show to burn in hell. Hell is far too interesting a place for them anyway.

By no means am I judging those who do watch this show, mostly because I have no fucking leg to stand on when it comes to stupid TV watching; seeing as how I watched the first season of Joe Millionaire before it occurred to me what a mindless venture I had undertaken. And yet, my TV fare hasn’t really gotten all that much smarter since then. So, here’s my word of the week.

Bacheloritis: The totally needless inflammation of your cerebrum that occurs when you turn on ABC and find this inane show is still on the air. The inflammation occurs as a result of the saturated fats that are stored in this part of the brain while viewing. It is believed to be temporary in nature and symptoms tend to disappear as soon as you turn the channel. While the disease is not known to be fatal, it will kill your brain cells quicker than meth laced maple syrup on chicken and waffles. It is a synapse serial killer. Seriously. If you’re looking for a synonym, check out Bachelorette-itis. 



21 thoughts on “Word of the Week (In Technicolor!)

    • Stupid . . dumb . . . mindless . . . feel free to play along.

      Can you imagine what Shakespeare would say about this shit? Hell, you don’t even need to go back that far. But it’s the dramatic flair of a writer.

      And this doesn’t even take into account the whole “Reality TV” thing. Because really, as soon as a person knows the camera is on them? It ceases to be ‘reality’.

      Comments are back baby! Bring ’em on!

    • Oh, I completely agree with you sister. There’s inanity and then there’s the Bachelor (and ette).

      And just to show you how inane I think those two shows are, I have watched basically every episode (I think?) of “World’s Dumbest”. And I believe that show could be on PBS before the Double B’s, which makes it really stupid shit in my book.

  1. OMG…do not get me started on The Bachelor. I always have to bite my tongue when my best friend or mother in-law start to wax and wane.
    But, before I fall off my high horse, I should admit that I have been known to partake in a bit of the Real Housewives insanity…

    • But yanno what? Me too! I’ve watched Housewives, and I have zero problem saying it. Because there are plenty of real life scenarios going on between all the posing and hissing. I don’t mind the Housewives franchise at all. But the Bachelor shit, it’s like eHarmony diarrhea.

      Inanity has become a word here on Drinks. I don’t know whether that was Marissa or yours truly. But it IS a good word.

      Hey, thanks Mama! .

  2. The only reality tv that ever sucks me in is when I happen upon that Vegas pawn shop show. It’s like I cannot look away. I don’t even know its name, but it’s crazy.

    Thr bachelor shows just make me ill. Seeing these women flaunt for a man and tossing out their self-respect….? Sigh.

  3. The Bachelor is about the only TV I watch. It’s always dramatic, unexpected and people say the darnedest things.
    I do question how you can critique a show you’ve never watched. What if you get sucked in?

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