Going green with my Word of the Day

Nyquillian- The chill feeling that takes hold of your body after you visit the great state of Euphoria (City Limits-None). This feeling is achieved with little more (a little, just a little) than the recommended dose of NyQuil Nighttime Relief in the friendly green bottle. It is heightened exponentially when you administer said groovy at the beginning of your day . . . because you were half asleep . . and you thought it was Day Time Relief . . and the shit worked so well that you didn’t think to check until you were showered and dressed. But then you started wondering what in the hell was up with the live feed of John Malkovich’s mind that was running through your brain . . .

I wasn’t about to stay home just because I’d taken the green bottle and was busy hurtling down the rabbit hole and into the creepy, weepy arms of a Nick Waterhouse song. I mean, he was actually in my living room, and he was strumming his guitar whilst pulling Sleeping Pills from his bag of tricks, making my knees weak in the doing. Or maybe it was the NyQuil talking. Imma go with both.

I was fine to go to work, seeing as how the warning label on the bottle was telling me not to drive, operate heavy machinery or do anything else that could be dangerous until I knew how I was going to react to it. And I figured since Nick Waterhouse was working his magic in my living room, my reaction to the shit was nothing short of amazing. All the same, I did my due diligence. I forced myself to read most of the label, figuring if that didn’t put me to sleep I was good to go. I wasn’t going to take any unnecessary chances, seeing as how a DUI rap involving cold meds will fetch you plenty of attention in prison. And they don’t even bother dropping the soap, because why should they?

With Nick Waterhouse having split the scene, I splashed my face with cold water and grabbed my travel mug and then I walked up and down the driveway while my car seats warmed up. I was feeling comfortable, without the numb. Shaken without the slurred. All the mellow, none of the harsh.

Under the weather? You better believe it.



20 thoughts on “Going green with my Word of the Day

  1. Nyquillian. What a lovely word. Noble, even. I wish that green bottle would have that effect on me, but it’s quite the opposite. It makes me gawd-awful wired. A green bottle of absinthe now . . . that would do the trick.

    Very nice, Mr. Thorn.

    • I didn’t feel noble, I felt groovy as shit though. The world made sense, for a fleeting whisper of a moment. It’s an endocrine thing with me, but in this instance, I wasn’t complaining.

  2. Hope you are feeling better. But hey … you were feeling well enough to develop a new word with a definition, and explain it in wonderful prose. Oh .. and a fitting song to boot.

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