Doing my Slim Shady

Yeah, I am.

And while I would love to say this time will be different. Well, I don’t have to say it. It just will be different. Because this time I endeavor on bringing a more personal attache to the proceedings. There’ll be less mystery, just as much hilarity and all of the guilt. For shits and giggles, here’s a “Spoiler Alert!” should you want to live in the Tao of Cayman Thorn for the rest of time. Don’t read the little blurb below. Otherwise, take the red pill and I’ll hold your hand into Wonderland. Coo?

Cayman Thorn is an anagram for Marc Anthony. Which is kind of my name (The first name is correct). It’s as close as I will ever, ever give the world of social media. Mostly because my real last name isn’t my real last name anyway. This is the result of my grandmother having been a slut who wasn’t about to stay at home when mi abuelito went running. She was rocking the power vagina whilst Gloria Steinem still believed aprons to be proprietary accouterments of the X chromosome. As far as Drinks Well With Others? I came up with that unoriginal idea thanks to a fridge magnet I didn’t even know I had until I was fixing up some adult drink or other (2009 was an interesting year, to say the least). This blog was an answer to my last blog, the800lbgorilla, where we specialized in the art of fucking with anything we felt like fucking with. This blog? Wasn’t that blog, and thank God, really.

Now, this is not to say that I’ll be posting on the regular here at Drinks. What it does mean is that I am not going away. Heavens no. This blog will serve as a bridge to a writers blog, which will deal up writing and stories, health tips (just kidding) and semi great feats of strength. There will be special interest posts, links to brand spanking new selections served up at thelovelyfire as well as links to vault pulls from the800lbgorilla (which will include horoscope reinventions!) and there’ll be shit I haven’t even thought about just yet, but will.

Everything will start from scratch at the new crib, so be sure to bring snacks, ideas and any book projects you’ve got cooking and I will promote the hell out of you just because I’m chill like that. Don’t bring weed, since it’s not legal in PA just yet. No wait, that would be a reason to bring the weed . . I forgot. And when the new blog goes proper, you can ditch Cayman and just call me Marc. I mean, I ain’t gonna take it personally if you prefer to stick with Cayman Thorn, mostly because I dig the last name. The Bond vibe is real.

The future? Is coming on.


12 thoughts on “Doing my Slim Shady

  1. pleasant news to wake up to, Marc.
    Looking forward to whatever-the-hell you are getting up (or down) to.

    • I have no fucking idea, other than to write whatever the hell it is I have to write.

      And I probably shouldn’t name the next blog after Slim Shady, I know this much.


  2. It’s nice to have you back. Like I wrote one time, “patience grasshopper, nothing is permanent…”
    So are you keeping this blog or are you making an entirely new blog with a new name?

    • Hmmmmm, that line sounds soooo familiar. I drink it in like rainwater each time I think on it. The mistress of that particular line knew what she was talking about. Zentastic.

      This blog will never go away. Or at least, it will never be deleted. It may very well go away if Trump decides to sandblast the rest of the world and the rest of the world decides not to just grin and bare it. But in lieu of that, the blog will be here.

      Thanks Mad Catalyst


    • Mama.

      Behave yourself. Oh . . I’m just kidding. Don’t behave.

      And umm . . I had to put the “no weed” thing out there just in case the ATF was reading up on nefarious bloggers looking to host pot parties. See, “no weed” is code for “weed.”

      So bring snacks made with that famous Simon and Garfunkel recipe. You dig?

      You’re good peeps Mick. Thank you for missing me.

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