Simple Thing

There is something mystical about a simple gesture. I was driving to work yesterday afternoon when I witnessed just such a thing whilst stopped at a red light. It involved a young homeless man, a veteran I think; he takes up residence at a busy intersection near the local mall. I’ve seen him several times over the last week, dressed in his ratty jeans and a cardboard sign asking for help. His belongings fit inside a beat up old backpack, and I am ashamed to admit that yesterday was the first time I took notice of these things. Thanks to an older gentleman who performed a simple and totally random act of kindness on a Thursday afternoon.

It was getting hot and I had the AC pumping and Live humming its way through my sound system, caught inside my titanium sheathed bubble in which the whole wide world was my sovereign child. All that mattered to me was recording a story idea I’d come up with for the local Story Slam, and then reality was smacking me upside the head as I watched this older gentleman doing this kid a favor. Doing the whole world a favor, really.

The kindly old fellow got out of his car and opened his trunk, where he fetched a baseball cap for the kid dressed in struggle who calls the intersection home. That was it, the whole thing, that. The gift of a baseball cap that was making me feel as if a million dollars had just changed hands. And I wondered if the other witnesses to this beautiful moment were paying the same kind of attention as me. I wondered if they saw the purpose of such a thing, and the lessons it was dealing up.

And I stopped recording while Ed Kowalcyk railed on about misery and hope being maternal twins of an earth whose best days are hard to come by. And I cried, a glorious feeling kind of cry that wasn’t ashamed or self conscious. It just was. And I prayed for that kid some, and I gave thanks for that old dude. And the world seemed to make sense, if only for the moment, at that busy intersection . . on a Thursday afternoon in the middle of another working day.

You really shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. You should embrace it.




10 thoughts on “Simple Thing

  1. We do have a tendency to get caught up in our own lives and not see thhose around us. It is unfortunate when we see the homeless and the ones misfortune has fallen on. It breaks me heart and I have prayed and given and lives on those when I can. Beautifil moment you shared… thank You! ❤

    • Hey Courtney,

      It was inspiring. And you’re right, it’s just so easy to get caught up in the day to day stuff. Moments like this crystallize what is truly important. I was blessed to have been witness to it.

      Thanks for the chime and have un fantastico Friday!

  2. Dude. This is such a great moment to share. I know all of us at some point have seen people down on their luck just need a little something to help get them through the day, or just help them in that moment. Such an awesome post that helps us slow down and take a moment to appreciate what is important. I love how random acts of kindness can help those who are being kind, those receiving the kindness, and those catching a glimpse of it. Awesome.

    • Cali,

      We live in an age where people regale in the idea of “having it all”, while never minding the fact that such an ideal is shallow and worse. Not to sound self righteous, but these peeps are wrong on all counts.

      I would advise everyone to volunteer their time. To basically anything. It changes the way you look, at basically everything.

      Peace and Showtime 2.0 . . .:)

      • IT DOES! Volunteering totally makes you feel like your world is so small if you only keep to yourself. Being able to help any cause with anything, random acts of kindness, just make everyone’s vibe better. Sending you some peace my friend, peace and laughter 🙂

        • I had my kids volunteer when they were younger, just so’s they would come to understand that it’s not all about them- there is more to it.

          Thank you for the peace and laughter, chica. Much appreciated.

          Peace and poolside smiles 🙂

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