Sunday Morning Coffee Love: nothing is ever lost, only misplaced 



“I have to wonder if this was where the hope was leading me, to here, to this moment. And I realize that’s all it is, that’s all hope is, it’s for the moments that make it worth it. That make all the hurt and pain worth waking up for, that make life worth being present for. Moments of wonderful.

And as I stand in the door waving to Sam and Dave as they pass through our gate, Declan slips up behind me wrapping his arms around my chest and pulling me into him as he drops a kiss above my ear and quietly asks me if I’m ok. And I know he means it. I smile and nod as I lean back into him placing my hands over his and we watch Sam and Dave walk hand in hand down the beach with the setting sun casting the sky and waves to flame, and I think of how it’s amazing that such a small spark held in the face of such darkness, if looked at from a different angle, can create such a lovely fire.”

Jennie CK Hope


“Because I also wrote somewhere, in some other lifetime that “nothing is ever lost. Only misplaced.” And I believe it now as I did on the night I wrote it. So there’s that.

Good thing for us that hope never goes out of style. So, in keeping with that spirit, we fight for the better places and we challenge the most impossible of odds and we believe in that crazy little thing called love. It’s always going to be worth it because as long as you have the chance to change something? You have everything you’re ever going to need.”

–Cayman Thorn


“Hope never goes out of style, but sometimes it hides. In the depths of the undertow. Sometimes we sink down so that we can find it, but even if we find it, we’re still stuck in the undertow. We still need someone else to help us find the shore again, to reconnect us to the beauty that we’re missing. But when we find that someone, our natural instinct is to scratch and pull and try to climb on them…anything to save ourselves from drowning. All it results in is usually both parties drowning.

Funny thing though. When we stop fighting the current, when we let go, when we stop trying to control our own outcome and direction, we usually end up exactly where we are supposed to be. Gravity eventually lifts us to the light, to the surface. The undertow eventually spits us out. The river current carries us in the natural direction of life. But both parties have to let go of what they’re clinging to. Sometimes they even have to let go of each other. Both parties have to trust. That eventually the current will carry them to the same place.

No, nothing is ever lost. The best way to find a misplaced item is to simply go back and retrace our steps. Rediscovery is our reward.

–Christy Anna Beguins



38 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee Love: nothing is ever lost, only misplaced 

  1. Your verbs are sultry things and your nouns righteous. But it’s the soothe which captures and holds me. You’re the writer I love most of all. Because your words always make me feel like home. ❤

    • Funny…you’re the writer I love most of all too. Coincidence?
      Also funny…I’ve been convinced for a while that home is not a place; home is a feeling. The best way I know how to describe that feeling? It’s feeling like you are finally able to breathe again…deep soothing breaths. And I am often like a homing pigeon…I may go off to wander the world–or to just hibernate in my cave–but I eventually return to where I am tethered, to where I can breathe. ❤

      • I know what you mean. It’s like, you have this person who makes you think and love and appreciate the world in a totally different way than you had before they came along.

        I have someone like this. She stirs me up. She provokes me without even trying. She incites my rebellious nature in a way that only someone who knows you a certain way, can. She’s got a way about her, indeed.

        And I totally know what you mean about having this cosmic tether! Because she is tethered to so many things that happen along on a daily basis. And I’ll just think about her smile and then I’m there again.


        PS- I don’t believe in coincidence. I’m too odd for such a thing . . .:)

  2. “When we stop fighting the current, when we let go, when we stop trying to control our own outcome and direction, we usually end up exactly where we are supposed to be. Gravity eventually lifts us to the light, to the surface. The undertow eventually spits us out. The river current carries us in the natural direction of life.”

    To stop fighting the current … it’s a thing I’ve struggled with mightily over the years in both small ways and big ways. About 2 1/2 years ago, I got a new boss. The way in which he does business has ratcheted up the pressure and stress in a big way. The office is not a happy place these days. A lot of people struggling with how things are. For the first couple of years, I tried to fight it, to re-direct it, to figure it all out. Then I realized that there were elements of the thing I simply wasn’t going to be able to change and that it was time to go with the current. In some respects, I don’t like this approach because it leads to other problems, but ultimately it is a way to regain a bit of hope, a light at the end of a very dark tunnel that isn’t an on-coming train.

    • There’s very little we can control in life, Mark, as you know. But the one thing always in our control? Our own attitude, our own perspective. Letting go and going with the flow are just mental states. (Though it’s easier said than done…I don’t think I’ll ever fully master the art of letting go, not in this lifetime at least, haha).

      I’ve been doing daily readings this year from two books: The Daily Stoic and 365 Tao. Stoicism and Taoism are surprisingly very complementary… I bet you would like them both. (Michelle and Cayman are reading them also.)

      I linked to the books on Amazon above, but here’s the website for The Daily Stoic:

      • It’s a fine balance. A good friend and I regularly discuss our envy of people who seem to just go thru life without any apparent worry while we spend our days worrying and fretting. As much as I envy the ability to let go, I wouldn’t want to be like those people or to completely let go. The key is to let go of the right things.

        I will check out those books. Thank you.

        • “The key is to let go of the right things.”

          ^ So true.

          And I agree, sometimes you HAVE to hold on. There was a Terry Pratchett quote about holding on that I loved….. I’ll see if I can find it…

        • Found it! It’s not as profound as I remember it being though:

          “There are times in life when people must know when not to let go. Balloons are designed to teach small children this.” ~ Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

          Once upon a time, in a past life, I used to do this thing with Jennie on the weekends, where I would publish volumes of themed quotes, reading selections, poetry, and music at
          I used that quote to close a volume on Letting Go:
          Let Go, Jump In, Love Wide Open back from November 2013.

          Funny, even in the intro to that piece I said that letting go makes me gag. Haha! Anyway, that alone made it worth looking up, so thanks for the chance to do so!

          • One of the criteria I use for letting go is whether the people around me who should also care about the thing are expending their energy on it. If they aren’t, why should I?

            I’m following this idea as much as I can at work and with my family. I have tried for too many years to swim against the current that they have created.

            Thank you for the quote. It works.

  3. Now that I’ve gained my composure, I can properly comment. It’ll be short though because I really don’t have any words.

    I have read this four times, and it still incites tears with each pass.
    The last three paragraphs truly seal it for me.
    You three all speak the truth.
    How fortunate I am that our paths have crossed.

    I love this so hard. Love every word. Love you all. xoxoxo

    • I read this at work, and was blaming shit on allergies after reading it, seriously. Talk about having a way with words, this woman has her way with them. Truly amazing and inspiring. I don’t think it’s possible to read this without having to blame your swollen eyes on allergies, I just don’t.

      Love you too Mama

    • Jennie’s post really lingered with me. This whole idea of moments of hope and a small spark from a certain perspective becoming a lovely fire… then I remembered something cayman had written….Plus being sick for so long–and a little stuck in the undertow….. it just seemed to all flow together.
      I’m sorry I made you cry. ❤️

      • Don’t ever be sorry you made me cry – especially when thr tears are sparked by hope and love.
        This made me feel something again – Stoicism has definitely made my life better…but an unintended consequence is a less emotional walk through life. It was awesome to feel something in my gut ❤️❤️

        • I think in time you’ll discover a multitude of emotions again. The difference being they will be your own, and not controlled by the people or circumstances around you. Sometimes when someone is sooo empathetic you just have to shut down all the receptors, all the feels, and then power them back on one by one when you are ready.

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