The aFrank Angle Challenge- Day Late/Dollar Short Edition!

Okay, so Frank over at aFrank Angle gave his readers a challenge.  Or in WordPress parlance (?) a ‘prompt’. He supplied an image, which I have included below and he asked his readers to create a fictional piece out of it. In 150 words or less.

Truthfully, I haven’t done a ‘prompt’ in ages. But hey, if our President can settle the country’s business in 150 characters or less, I think I can handle a fiction challenge.

I realize this entry will not be considered by the Academy due to the late nature of its submission. Ironic that I’m calling it a ‘prompt’, huh?






            Footprints in the Sand – by Cayman Thorn

Taylor’s feet scalloped the minute shards of ocean glass into small indentations whose evidence was being stolen with each musical sway of the tides. His roam transformed inside the short walk- from confusion to recognition, and finally to a seething rage.

He dropped to his knees at the sight of the oxidized wreckage whose spires fought the darkness but whose symbolism had long since been stolen away in the name of a manifest power whose intention had never been to serve better angels.

“Trump did it . . he finally, really did it. You maniac! You blew it up! God damn you!” He screamed, as if his lungs could reach the wicked depths and all those long lost souls.

Nova gripped the reins of their horse and stared silently into the face of a murdered ideal, whose body was being interred by the fates.

They had reached the end of the world.

(Muchisimas gracias to Frank for allowing me to stay after school and finish this assignment. The link to his challenge is below just in case you didn’t click on my hyper-link up top.)

11 thoughts on “The aFrank Angle Challenge- Day Late/Dollar Short Edition!

  1. Loaded with symbolism embedded in Caymanism. Whew …. that in itself is a lot to take in. 😉 … The picturesque and serene start is definitely now where I ended! Well done and thanks for staying after school to git er done!

    • Caymanism? I LIKE it! 🙂

      I am sorry, truly, that I didn’t get this to you sooner Frank. Dare I say . . I had fun with it? Me? The cranky, “I don’t need to follow nobody’s stinkin’ rules!” Cayman Thorn? Yep, that very same dude.

      I’m glad you let me slide on this one, teach.

      Peace and Adam Duvall

      • LOL … even rebels find time for rules!

        Rough weekend for the Reds … a severe whoopin’ from the Nats. I attended Friday night. At least it was pleasant weather.

        • Yanno, you’re making a good point there.

          I see where my Yankees got ex Red Frazier in a trade with those other Sox. I’m good with the pitchers we got, which includes a re-union with Robertson. But Frazier simply adds to our ‘stable’ of low average hitters with decent pop (Holliday, Carter et al).
          The Yankees making October this season would be gravy, but it’s not a make or break situation. So I hope they keep it simple and calorie free as far as giving up any more prospects is concerned.

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