A Christmas Eve Wish

Christmas Eve on WordPress is like Friday night in a newsroom. Ain’t nobody paying attention to what comes down, because there’s life to attend to. It’s the perfect time to drop this post in, really. Everyone is busy doing their Christmas Eve things, to be followed by Christmas Day things.

This post will just be.

It’s kind of the way Drinks has comported itself over all these many years. It has enjoyed many incarnations in its existence. Each chapter was unique, significant and full of a soulful earnestness that can only happen if you’ve got the attitude for the latitude. If nothing else, this place is all about the importance of being earnest. Over the last seven years, Cayman Thorn was able to choreograph a mostly symphonic facsimile of the voices in his head. It wasn’t always pretty, but it was always him . . . me. Both. He went all hard pipe hitting on the every day annoyances with the savage pith of a sailor on permanent leave. He deconstructed the daily grind whilst laying waste to the minutiae like a Minotaur on meth (say that one time fast). He micro waved the personal into a macro salad of big picture recipes whose meta was a dish best served bold.

I come here not to bury Cayman, nor to praise him (since, yanno . . . I’m him?). I come here to tell you, my beloved blogging friends, that he’ll be “retiring”. As you can see, I have utilized a dub hugging quotation device in order to qualify this retirement gig for Cayman Thorn. He ain’t going away. He’s just gonna work less so’s he can golf more. While I continue to work for the man, of course.

Scaling back on Cayman’s shenanigans means that I’ll be posting on Drinks once a week. The Sunday Morning Coffee Love post has always been a favorite of mine, and now it will become a summary of the week that was, with a musical spill attached. I figure the music videos will help my cranky rants go down just a ‘lil bit easier, so there’s that.

Oh but wait, there’s umm, more! I have a new blog. The new place is in its embryonic stages, but it is finding its legs and it is going to be a lot of fun to grow. I figure the new year is a perfect time to throw a reveal out there for anyone who might be interested in reading. No obligations or expectations, of course. If you’re down, coo. If not, that’s coo too.

But that’s for next week, and next year. For tonight, this night . . for Christmas Eve and for Christmas Day and for Christmas Week, Imma just say thank you for being the reason this place had legs. You made this place worth coming to. You made this place funny and passionate and interesting. You made this place worth it. You, every single you, are the Others that made the drinks friendly. You made this blog a home.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas


25 thoughts on “A Christmas Eve Wish

  1. In the immortal words of that guy in the Dosakis beer commercial;
    “I don’t read a lot of blogs but when I do, I always read ‘Drinks Well with others!’ Continued success!
    Have a merry, joyous & blessed Christmas my friend!
    -Fantasy Man

    • Hank? It’s what I deal up.

      You’ve got to come with a sweet hand of wholesome in this world, or you might as well not come at all. And me? I come in hot.

      Which is why my crew never disappoints. And hey, if you want to be a part of my crew, just lemme know. I offer benefits, and hardware too! And if you’re not into asking too many questions, we’re set!

      Merry Christmas holidays my man.

    • K,

      It’ll be different, but yanno, Cayman IS still Marc. Somewhat, somewhere, somehow. So if you choose to venture on over, it’ll look plenty familiar. And there’s still drinking, lol.

      Thanks Bahstahn.

  2. Too late to say Merry, Merry, but hoping it was anyway. This was a year, wasn’t it? Looking forward to your new place, new update. Here’s wishing all of us a slightly saner new year. Peace and love.

    • Mary,

      It was a good 2017, and the new year is off and running already. Where IS the year going?!

      Sorryless was dreamed up by two kids who struggle with the voices in their heads. I’m still pushing my blog partner to write more, because I see my sister in her ways and I see my young self in her writing.

      It’ll be fun. But Sundays are still a thing here so there’s that.

  3. DUUUUUUDE I was so one of the people that missed this awesome heartfelt Cayman post on Christmas Eve … I was still wrapping presents and putting them under the tree in a mad dash before sunrise. You know … when Santa arrives. But I am glad you have this new writing adventure coming up! Will it have updates on your Story Slam escapades? I quickly exchanged messages with Susie Wild Rider the other day, we were wondering about your whereabouts, but it’s good to know that everything was fine and you were just planning your retirement golf outings. I had drifted off there for a while, had all kinds of nothing going on and heavy tiredness keeping me from my Toshiba here. But I’m hoping to turn that around. Once a week sound good to me! I always look forward to your posts, even when I show up late to the party. I enjoy reading your words … they jump out from the screen to make me smile, laugh, wonder, and telepathically send some warm Cali Sunshine hugs your way. It’s like chocolatey magic! I’m glad to hear that a new site will be up and coming in the New Year and I will definitely be one of your subscribers! Buen Camino my friend. I send you un fuerte abrazo and Happy New Year good vibes.

    • Cali,

      Retirement? Egads to the heaven spent, nawh! Not I, not ever. I’m too much of a scrummer.

      As for the new place, it’s up to you. No need to venture if Drinks is ‘yo thing. The new blog is similar, but the differences will branch out more and more as time goes on. It’s hard to explain, but I can see where this new blog is going to be at some future point better than I can see it right now.

      Yes, I received some lovely emails from the peeps I’ve come to know on here. So the news of me and the new blog isn’t altogether ‘new’. But it’s happening.

      Peace and Luke Walton

    • Mama,

      They, like . . . have sunshine in Kansas? Who knew?

      Hey, this is officially a broken record I’m playing here, seeing as how I’ve mentioned it in just about every comment, but . . the new place isn’t an obligation. For those curious to take a look/see, it’s gonna feel an awful lot like this place. With some random Pulp Fiction quotes thrown in for good measure.

      I haven’t set foot on Drinks or any of Cayman’s blog pal sites, and that was purposeful. I needed to break, to start something anew and to feel it. Because I had a little voice telling me what was going on and what had to come of it, so I followed.

      Blessed be the lovely mamas who tranquil my front door with beautiful words and warm greetings. Peace and all good things to you.

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