Trading in Nine Lives for Irish Silver

It occurred to me that this St. Patrick’s Day will be the ninth installment of The Irish Post. Which seems more impossible than Kelly Ripa’s love life. And as remarkable a thing as it is, and will be, I ain’t gonna lie. I’m already looking forward to next year.

Irish Post X. 

That is carazy with a capital Kong. It’s a hot Prada enchilada served up on a regatta in Nevada. To the ‘fo of ‘sho. To the legit of no quit. To the verve of swerve and to all of the many and mighty tilted verbs that sobered up inside the written word of a Holy Day’s debauched solemnity.

From the get, The Irish Post has been a crime of passion, and guilt its best defense. The annual Drinks post has never been content with the opaque formalities of absolution, where sins are treated as commodities which can be traded for free passes to the next not so great idea. Instead it regales in the fallen angel who doesn’t give a great good shit to apologize for the sins of every day and everywhere, and everyone.

The installments of this particular series have run wild with comedy and deep with tragedy, as if the flag of Ireland was whispering its tab to the man settling its check. It has tipped the velvet, slow danced with the mysteries and kitsched up the woebegone of days well spent and nights deigned less so.

And what a glorious thing this will always be, to paint pictures of the heavens from the warm embrace of the fiery pits. To dream in colors possessed by sounds. To walk through the wildest fantasies of Joyce and Wilde and all those brilliant madmen whose pens sang acapella with the cosmos. Imagine all that, dressed up in roman numerals.

I’m guessing this year’s Irish Post will just have to make due.

8 thoughts on “Trading in Nine Lives for Irish Silver

    • I am looking forward to this Holy Day, and well . . Part X is going to be great too. And yes, that video. I just . . just. Of COURSE Beck had his brilliant paws in this one, lol.

  1. Love the song and video. Adore Beck. “Heaven can wait and hell is too far to go.” The crux of where I am right now. Hasn’t Kelly Ripa been married to the same guy for, like, forever?

    Looking forward to the Irish Post.

    • Beck is a genius, plain and simple. I was turned on to Charlotte Gainsbourgh and I ain’t turning back.

      Heaven is illusory, hence the peculiar side effects. Hell is much more accessible, which is why it’s the most popular drug going. Having been to both places has given me a great appreciation for the middle ground, where everything is pliable so long as you have the nerve to mold it.

      She has been married for quite some time, I believe. It only feels like forever to Mr Ripa, lol.

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