Sunday Morning Coffee Love: nothing is ever lost, only misplaced 



“I have to wonder if this was where the hope was leading me, to here, to this moment. And I realize that’s all it is, that’s all hope is, it’s for the moments that make it worth it. That make all the hurt and pain worth waking up for, that make life worth being present for. Moments of wonderful.

And as I stand in the door waving to Sam and Dave as they pass through our gate, Declan slips up behind me wrapping his arms around my chest and pulling me into him as he drops a kiss above my ear and quietly asks me if I’m ok. And I know he means it. I smile and nod as I lean back into him placing my hands over his and we watch Sam and Dave walk hand in hand down the beach with the setting sun casting the sky and waves to flame, and I think of how it’s amazing that such a small spark held in the face of such darkness, if looked at from a different angle, can create such a lovely fire.”

Jennie CK Hope


“Because I also wrote somewhere, in some other lifetime that “nothing is ever lost. Only misplaced.” And I believe it now as I did on the night I wrote it. So there’s that.

Good thing for us that hope never goes out of style. So, in keeping with that spirit, we fight for the better places and we challenge the most impossible of odds and we believe in that crazy little thing called love. It’s always going to be worth it because as long as you have the chance to change something? You have everything you’re ever going to need.”

–Cayman Thorn


“Hope never goes out of style, but sometimes it hides. In the depths of the undertow. Sometimes we sink down so that we can find it, but even if we find it, we’re still stuck in the undertow. We still need someone else to help us find the shore again, to reconnect us to the beauty that we’re missing. But when we find that someone, our natural instinct is to scratch and pull and try to climb on them…anything to save ourselves from drowning. All it results in is usually both parties drowning.

Funny thing though. When we stop fighting the current, when we let go, when we stop trying to control our own outcome and direction, we usually end up exactly where we are supposed to be. Gravity eventually lifts us to the light, to the surface. The undertow eventually spits us out. The river current carries us in the natural direction of life. But both parties have to let go of what they’re clinging to. Sometimes they even have to let go of each other. Both parties have to trust. That eventually the current will carry them to the same place.

No, nothing is ever lost. The best way to find a misplaced item is to simply go back and retrace our steps. Rediscovery is our reward.

–Christy Anna Beguins



Final Picks: 1st Annual Viggo Mortenson Invitational

Did you play along in our Pick the Winners Oscars event? You have until Sunday 4:00 pm central. Hurry!


Welcome friends and strangers to the final draft rounds of our 1st Annual Viggo Mortensen Invitational. Yep, you read correctly. This post wraps up our draft and gives Michelle and I each nine hotties on our fantasy teams. You can catch our previous two posts here and here.

I wanted to write something special, something to commemorate the event, but who am I kidding? You don’t care about the intro, and we don’t really care about it either, so I’ll just use what I wrote for the rough draft, and then we’ll jump right into the candy dish. The eye candy dish, that is.




So for my 4th and 5th picks, I select:

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The 1st Annual Viggo Mortensen Invitational

When Cayman asked me, Michelle, and Mary if we’d be interested in sharing the Drinks reins, I came down with a bad case of the giggles. The notion of me ever drinking well with anyone is hysterical. (I’m knocking on five years of sobriety.) But then I reminded myself that I’m a pretty civilized coffee drinker–after my first two cups–and that seemed to settle down my giggle fit. So I talked with my BBF– my bloggy bestie friend (BFF is so three years ago)–Michelle, and our first impulse was a resounding, “Hell yeah!”

But then we checked ourselves. First rule in sales–and in feminine wiles–never appear too eager or you may get taken advantage of. So we slowed our roll and said coyly, “Maybeeeee….”–Oh come on, you know you appreciate something more when you have to work for it.–“But we have a few little contractual demands.”

First on Michelle’s list was a lifetime supply of chocolate frosting. (How you doing with securing that frosting, Cayman?) While first thing on Christy’s list was Viggo.

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