Be sorry less, be certain always . . . or something like that

I was trying to figure out the best way to reveal the new WordPress crib I got going and then it hit me . . do a re-blog. But it’s pretty fucking pretentious to do a re-blog of your own shit, so I decided I would simply provide a link at the bottom of this post. Not exactly the most exhaustive way to go, but simple. And I am all about simple.

A quick spill on the new place? Sure why not.

Drinks Well with Others was akin to Michael Corleone’s promise to Kay about taking the family into legit business. His “gimme a year or two” turned into several times more than that. And so it was with Drinks, and its getaway driver Cayman Thorn. It lasted much longer than I planned on, and that’s entirely because the company I kept was so damned good.

It was a beautiful, unassuming stretch to be certain. But the plain simple fact is that this blog’s creation was borne of a runaway note. For years, my legs were a scoundrel of  muscle memory borne of the sprint from a wicked little tree. But now, my spirit has stopped giving a shit to hide. I needed some place, somewhere different. I needed to break free of the acrimonious pseudonym and just be me. I needed to be fair to yours truly, and I had to see if it was something that had legs to it. Which explains the lag time of this introduction.

A BIG thank you to all of ‘yall who sent me lovely emails wondering what had become of me. And as promised, here is the new place. You are under no legal obligation to check it out. If you dig Drinks and want to stick with Cayman, I totally understand. I’ll be dishing up my love on Sunday mornings. If you decide you want to take the red pill, it’s just gonna be different.

In the immortal words of Alan Shepard, let’s see where this fucker can take us!



14 thoughts on “Be sorry less, be certain always . . . or something like that

    • KJ,

      You flatter me. But yanno, it does occur to me that it feels like forever since I gave you shit about the Red Sawx.
      I hope you’ll follow me over, but only if you are okay with my name not being Cayman.

    • Well, if by surprised you are speaking of Linds B, rest assured she is A) very gay, and B)very young and C) one of the best friends I got for the plain simple fact that she talked me down from a bad place and stayed put.
      She also happens to be a hell of a writer, and I plan on getting her out there for peeps to read. When she’s ready, of course.

  1. Grrr.. tried to follow on your new site. But kept getting message my email wasn’t valid? Could be bc I was trying from my phone. I will do it from my desk top later and see if that works. Glad you’re back in the saddle as we say in Tejas! 😉

    • Courtney,

      I am really not happy that you had problems connecting, but at the same time it does make me think that at LEAST I’m not the only one who encounters these gremlins. Much thanks to you for the love.


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